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June 9 , 2009

6/9 - Weekend in Port Huron - Boatnerd Staff

Cedarglen downbound

Stolt Kite upbound

Stern view

John D. Leitch loading fuel

Leitch upbound

Maritime Trader downbound


Bow cabins

Stern view

Canadian Navigator downbound

Canadian Leader

Bow cabins

Stern cabins

Capt. Henry Jackman

Engineer enjoying the passing scenery

Maumee upbound

Stern view

Federal Saguenay

John Spence and McAsphalt 401

Bro Alma loading chemicals

Stern view

John J. Boland upbound

Stern view

Algomarine in the North Slip

Ft. Gratiot Light and USCG Station

Quebecois upbound under the Bluewater Bridges

Stern view

6/9 - Cleveland May 24
- Steve Mather
1-AgawaCn-5-24-09-SM.jpg (112785 bytes)
The Agawa Canyon clearing the 1956 Cuyahoga River Bridge #1 (267’ long; metal riveted polygonal Warren through truss, vertical lift; 97’ navigation vertical clearance). Up river (that would be south bound on the Cuyahoga River that flows north into Lake Erie). Assisted by the Illinois (bow) and Iowa.
2-Iowa-5-24-09-SM.jpg (107572 bytes)
The Iowa, assisting the Agawa Canyon through the Cuyahoga’s first 90-degree bend.
3-Illinoi-5-24-09-SM.jpg (153061 bytes)
The Illinois, leading the Agawa Canyon.
4-Illinoi-5-24-09-SM.jpg (168174 bytes)
The Illinois, leading the Agawa Canyon past the 1901 Center Street swing bridge (red structure, pivoted parallel to the river and hidden behind the tree on right) and toward the metal span of the 1918 Detroit-Superior/Veterans Memorial Bridge.

6/9 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-HCJackson,6-7-09-bv.jpg (78769 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading for Zug Island
2-HCJackson,6-7-09-bv.jpg (112867 bytes)
Another View

6/9 - Research vessels in Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain
vessl-in-Alpena-6-7-09--01.jpg (79402 bytes)
Sturgeon, Spencer F. Baird, Laurentian tied up in the river
Alpena-6-7-09-----02.jpg (120274 bytes) Alpena-6-7-09--03.jpg (103202 bytes)
Spencer F. Baird
Alpena-6-7-09--04.jpg (83156 bytes)

6/9 - Lay-ups in Superior, Wisconsin
- Rod Burdick
kebelrsc_5_24_09_rb.jpg (94182 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker, Ryerson, St. Clair
avic_5_24_09_rb.jpg (98764 bytes)
American Victory

6/9 - Cote Ste Catherines
- Kent Malo
CorpusChristi6-08-09-km-b.jpg (82230 bytes)
Tug Corpus Christi, upbound for Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, where the tug will be picking up a new barge
CorpusChristi6-08-09-km-c.jpg (85833 bytes) CorpusChristi6-08-09-km-d.jpg (82185 bytes)    

6/9 - Cedarglen above Mariatown
- Ron Beaupre
1-cedarglen-07-06-09-rb.jpg (56419 bytes)
Cedarglen passing Loyalist Park one mile above Mariatown.
2-cedarglen-07-06-09-rb.jpg (64708 bytes)
Cedarglen is loaded with grain from Thunder Bay.

6/9 - House Flag ID
IMG_0019.jpg (42237 bytes)
If you can ID please post to the Search page

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