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June 10 - 11 , 2009

6/11 - Duluth/ Superior traffic - Travis Chadwick
1-quebecois-6-9-09tc.jpg (79701 bytes)
Quebecois loading taconite at DMIR. Her sister Montrealais loaded at DMIR two days before, unusual loads for both when leaving Duluth.
2-bbcamazon-6-9-09tc.jpg (74096 bytes)
BBC Amazon loading wind turbine parts at Duluth's Port Terminal. These parts were bound for Chile.
3-billmaier-6-9-09tc.jpg (74418 bytes)
Corps of Engineers tug D. L. Billmaier and barge H. J. Schwartz working by the Burlington Northern ore docks in Superior.
4montrealais6-9-09tc.jpg (116461 bytes)
Montrealais loading taconite at DMIR.
5-algowood-6-9-09-tc.jpg (69308 bytes)
Algowood waiting her turn to load after Montrealais. Notice the worker on her port side.

6/11 - St. Marys River - Herm Klein
1-Cuy-6-10-09-HK.jpg (62374 bytes)
Cuyahoga up at Mission Point with a load of salt for Thunder Bay
2-Cuy-6-10-09-HK.jpg (105886 bytes)
3-Cuy-6-10-09-HK.jpg (104510 bytes)

6/11 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-CTransport,6-10-09-bv.jpg (63376 bytes)
Canadian Transport unloading stone at Midwest Terminal Stone Dock
2-CTransport,6-10-09-bv.jpg (96143 bytes)
Canadian Transport leaving Toledo
3-HLWhite,6-10-09-bv.jpg (68519 bytes)
H. Lee White under the ship loader
4-HLWhite,6-10-09-bv.jpg (85716 bytes)
H. Lee White heading for Muskegon

6/11 - Green Bay - Dick Lund
1-JM-06-10-09-dl.jpg (86737 bytes)
John G. Munson unloading coal at Fox River Dock (it later moved into the slip at FRD)
2-INT-06-10-09-dl.jpg (79397 bytes)
G.L. Ostrander/Integrity unloading cement at LaFarge
3-GLO-06-10-09-dl.jpg (85689 bytes)
Close-up of the tug
4-INT-06-10-09-dl.jpg (81912 bytes)
Another view alongside the storage vessel, S.T. Crapo
5-SMA-06-10-09-dl.jpg (56116 bytes)
Stephan M. Asher heads back out to the site of the dredging near Grassy Island
6-DRDG-06-10-09-dl.jpg (74132 bytes)
Dredge barge out near Grassy Island with one (of many) pelicans in the Fox River today

6/11 - Tuesday evening Brockville and Prescott   - Dave Bessant
1-Pineglen-06-09-09-WDB.jpg (61981 bytes)
Pineglen downbound
2-Pineglen-06-09-09-WDB.jpg (69641 bytes) 3-Pineglen-06-09-09-WDB.jpg (55139 bytes) 4-Pineglen-06-09-09-WDB.jpg (52960 bytes) 5-Pineglen-06-09-09-WDB.jpg (56711 bytes)
6-CorpusChristie-JohnDLeitc.jpg (47688 bytes)
Tug Corpus Christie upbound with John D Leitch in the distance eastbound
7-CorpusChristie-06-09-09-W.jpg (66012 bytes) 8-CorpusChristie-06-09-09-W.jpg (38311 bytes) 9-CorpusChristie-06-09-09-W.jpg (57970 bytes) 10-JohnDLeitch-06-09-09-WDB.jpg (83305 bytes)
John D Leitch at Prescott by the windmill of the famous battle
11-JohnDLeitch-06-09-09-WDB.jpg (65866 bytes)
John D Leitch passing under the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge
12-RadiumYellowknife-06-09-.jpg (100165 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife underway at Prescott upbound.

6/11 - Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
MAUMEEb02061009mn.jpg (34534 bytes)
Maumee downbound off Zug Island.
MAUMEEs03061009mn.jpg (31898 bytes) PRESEVERENCEIIb04060909mn.jpg (39274 bytes)
Yacht Preseverence II upbound off Dieppe Park in Windsor.
PRESEVERENCEIIs05060909mn.jpg (54768 bytes) HOEYCAROLYNbargesb02060909m.jpg (39801 bytes)
Tug Carolyn Hoey and barge placing anchors for the pylon barges for the air race.
COMORANTbargeb01060909mn.jpg (57585 bytes)
Tug Cormorant placing a pylon barge.
CORMORANTb19061009mn.jpg (86073 bytes) MCCARTHYWALTERJJRb06061009m.jpg (27781 bytes)
Walter J Mc Carthy Jr upbound off Dieppe Park.
MCCARTHYWALTERJJRs07061009m.jpg (33608 bytes) SENATORb13061009mn.jpg (76074 bytes)
Senator upbound off Windsor.
SENATORs15061009mn.jpg (67147 bytes) CRESSWELLPETERRb07060909mn.jpg (39795 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell upbound off Zug Island.
CRESSWELLPETERRs09060909mn.jpg (39752 bytes)    

6/10 - Point Edward / Sarnia
- Marc Dease
1-jws-6-09-09-a-md.jpg (93997 bytes)
J. W. Shelley in the north slip at Point Edward for apparent prop or shaft repairs.
2-jws-6-09-09-b-md.jpg (82321 bytes)
Afternoon view.
3-prt-6-09-09-md.jpg (72391 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha down bound at Vantage Point with coal for Recors.
4-amar-6-09-09-md.jpg (61697 bytes)
Algomarine and former fleetmate Shelley (Algocen) in the north slip.

6/10 - Saginaw River
Todd Shorkey
1-amcent-6-9-09-ts-a.jpg (85184 bytes)
American Century inbound just past the confined disposal island
2-amcent-6-9-09-ts-b.jpg (50097 bytes)
Head on
3-amcent-6-9-09-ts-c.jpg (71826 bytes)
Another view
4-amcent-6-9-09-ts-d.jpg (76945 bytes)
Nearing Consumers Energy to unload

6/10 - Montreal
- Rene Beauchamp
PortdeMtl-080609(A)RBMTL.jpg (61905 bytes)
In the western end of the Port of Montreal, the self-propelled floating crane VM/S Hercules rarely seen underway.
PortdeMtl-080609(B)RBMTL.jpg (89336 bytes)
Sauniere and Halifax laid up in the Old Port of Montreal.
VM-S-Hercules-080609-RBMTL.jpg (80130 bytes)
VM/S Hercules about to dock at the Mark Drouin pier in Montreal on Monday.
 IMG_4551.jpg (35696 bytes)
Pusher-tug Corpus Christi departing Montreal for Sturgeon Bay on Monday.
IMG_4555.jpg (33605 bytes)
Pusher-tug Corpus Christi seconds after clearing St. Lambert Lock on Monday

6/10 - Brockville
Murray Blancher
1-John-D-Leicth-06-09-09-MB.jpg (67652 bytes)
John D Leitch downbound at Brockville
2-Corpus-Chrsiti-06-09-09-M.jpg (51769 bytes)
Corpus Christi upbound at Brockville
3-Corpus-Christi-06-09-09-M.jpg (55513 bytes)    

6/10 - Seaway
- Kent Malo
MaritimeTrader6-08-09-km.jpg (63400 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound for Trois Rivieres, Quebec, seen here  in the St Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake June 8.
MaritimeTrader6-08-09-km-b.jpg (53642 bytes)      

6/10 - McGulpin Point Light relighting - Photos courtesy Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

New replica lantern atop McGulpin Point tower

One of the helicopters from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City circled the lighthouse to signal the beginning of the ceremonies

Boy Scouts from BSA Troop 4 of Pellston, Michigan raise the flag

An overall shot of the crowd of approximately 1,000 people who attended the relighting ceremonies

Members of the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians played their large tribal drum as part of the invocation ceremony.

Dr. William Anderson, retired Director of the Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries (l) and Frank Ettawagashik, Tribal Chairman of the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians (r) were two of the featured speakers during the event.

Poet Mary Stewart Adams recites her updated version of Edgar Guest’s poem “The Lighthouse Keeper Wonders” which she wrote specially for the event.

The line to climb the tower lead from outside the summer kitchen door through the dwelling to the foot of the spiral stairs. Although the wait was almost 90 minutes, everybody was happy to see the view from the lantern when they finally reached the top.

GLLKA Executive Director Terry Pepper awaits the arrival of the next group of five to climb the stairs and take in the newly opened view of the Straits of Mackinac. Pepper worked the day in the lantern, where he recounted the story of how the new lantern was fabricated and installed on the tower.

On Saturday evening, McGulpin Point lighthouse casts its guiding light across The Straits of Mackinac for the first time since December 15, 1906. See McGulpin Point for additional information.

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