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June 12, 2009

6/12 - Joseph L. Block in the St. Marys River - Ben & Chanda McClain
JBloc-6-10-09-01.jpg (69800 bytes) JBloc-6-10-09-02.jpg (63880 bytes)
In the Rock Cut
JBloc-6-10-09-03.jpg (92366 bytes) JBloc-6-10-09-04.jpg (86937 bytes) JBloc-6-10-09-05.jpg (87852 bytes)
JBLoc-6-10-09-06.jpg (69287 bytes)
Near Detour

6/12 - Duluth/ Superior June 10
Travis Chadwick
1-amintgrty6-11-09tc.jpg (83759 bytes)
American Integrity turning for the Aerial Lift Bridge, leaving with a cargo of coal.
2-amintgrty6-11-09tc.jpg (91752 bytes)
Stern view heading under the bridge. 
3-amarinr-6-11-09-tc.jpg (98330 bytes)
American Mariner unloading stone at Cutler Stone Dock in Superior.
4-ehgott-6-11-09-tc.jpg (60163 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott arriving Duluth to fuel, then heading to Burlington Northern ore dock in Superior.
5-jbarker-6-11-09-tc.jpg (61796 bytes)
James R. Barker leaving with coal from Midwest Energy Terminal in Superior.
6-amarinr-6-11-09-tc.jpg (53937 bytes)
American Mariner docking at SMET following the Barker.

6/12 - Reiss Coal Dock in Ashland, Wisc.
Chris Mazzella
1-Am.Mariner-6-11-09-cm.jpg (63380 bytes)
American Mariner unloading coal at the Reiss Coal Dock
2-Am.Mariner-6-11-09-cm.jpg (100785 bytes)
Mariner heading for Two Harbors
3-Am.Mariner-6-11-09-cm.jpg (85069 bytes)
Passing the soon to be demolished Soo Line Oredock.

6/12 - Tug Corpus Christi in the Welland Canal June 10
Jon Van Der Nol
CorpusChristi6-11-09-jvdn.jpg (111517 bytes) CorpusChristbi6-11-09-jvdn.jpg (91802 bytes)      

6/12 - Herbert C. Jackson at Marquette's Harbors
Rod Burdick
1_hcj_6_5_09_rb.jpg (154416 bytes)
Arriving at the Upper Harbor
2_hcj_6_10_09_rb.jpg (103310 bytes)
Unloading stone at the Lower Harbor

6/12 - Tug Dauntless and barge in the Port of Kenosha
Dan Weisner
Dauntless-Kenosha-609c-dw.jpg (53210 bytes)
Tug and barge
Dauntless-Kenosha-609b-dw.jpg (55678 bytes)
Dauntless-Kenosha-609-dw.jpg (19286 bytes)

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