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June 14, 2009

6/14 - Maumee on the Maumee River - Paul C. LaMarre III
1-Maumee-6-12-09-pl31.jpg (97259 bytes) 2-Maumee-6-12-09-pl31.jpg (120447 bytes) 3-Maumee-6-12-09-pl31.jpg (129162 bytes) 4-Maumee-6-12-09-pl3.jpg (85381 bytes) 5-Maumee-6-12-09-pl3.jpg (81950 bytes)
6-Maumee-6-12-09-pl3.jpg (98791 bytes) 7-Maumee-6-12-09-pl3.jpg (147065 bytes) 8-Maumee-7-12-09-pl31.jpg (68817 bytes)    

6/14 - H. Lee White loading ore in Marquette
Rod Burdick
1_hlw_6_7_09_rb1.jpg (97746 bytes)
Stern view
2_hlw_6_7_09_rb1.jpg (130399 bytes)
Bow view
3_hlw_6_7_09_rb1.jpg (133500 bytes)
Scenic view

6/14 - Herbert C. Jackson on the Rouge River June 12
Ron Piskor
1-hcj-6-12-09-rp.jpg (121714 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson clearing the Conrail Bridge in the Rouge River heading toward Severstal Steel.

6/14 - Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Calumt-6-12-09-bcm-01.jpg (63609 bytes)
Calumet approaching Friday
Calumt-6-12-09-bcm-02.jpg (80080 bytes)
Passing lighthouse
Calumt-6-12-09-bcm-03.jpg (98665 bytes)
Bringing out the self-unloading boom
Calumt-6-12-09-bcm-04.jpg (48412 bytes)
Innovation heading in, Integrity departing
Calumt-6-12-09-bcm-05.jpg (75295 bytes)
Calumet unloading sand
Calumt-6-12-09-bcm-06.jpg (68758 bytes)
Backing out
Manitowoc6-13-09-007.jpg (103945 bytes)
Manitowoc unloading coal Saturday
Manitowoc6-13-09-010.jpg (97354 bytes)    

6/14 - Sault Ste. Marie Friday
Herm Klein

Kaministiqua upbound at the Mac Lock

Tuscarora downbound at Mission Point

JW Shelley upbound at Mission Point

6/14 - Mary E. Hannah and CBC 4507 south of Port Lambton
- Dave Noordhoff
MHannah-CBC4507-dn-1.jpg (64512 bytes)
Mary E. Hannah and CBC 4507 emerge from the mist and rain south of Port Lambton
MHannah-CBC4507-dn-2.jpg (70985 bytes)
CBC 4507 and the oil refinery machinery being delivered to Indiana Harbor
MHannah-CBC4507-dn-4.jpg (95564 bytes)
Detail of CBC 4507's cargo passing Port Lambton
MHannah-CBC4507-dn-3.jpg (90314 bytes)
Detail of Mary E. Hannah passing Port Lambton


6/14 - Yacht Oneness downbound for the sea at the Mohawk Reserve Kahnawake, St Lawrence Seaway
Kent Malo
Oneness6-12-09-km-d.jpg (115185 bytes) Oneness6-12-09-km.jpg (84965 bytes) Oneness6-12-09-km-c.jpg (114725 bytes)    

6/14 - St. Mary's Conquest in Manitowoc on Thursday
Charlie Nelson
S5030106.jpg (61425 bytes) S5030110.jpg (68587 bytes) S5030113.jpg (62821 bytes) S5030111.jpg (58974 bytes)  

6/14 - Robert S. Pierson returned to Marquette on Friday for another load of ore
- Lee Rowe
RSPiersonLR06120902.jpg (75652 bytes)
Bow view of the Robert S Pierson at the dock
RSPiersonLR06120907.jpg (118614 bytes)
Wide view

6/14 - August Ziesing entering Duluth, May 1966.
E. C. Carlson photos, Carl Fredericks collection
AugZiesing-5-1-66-ec.jpg (81843 bytes) AugZiesingb-5-1-66-ec.jpg (85809 bytes)      

6/14 - Historical Collection of Chief Eng. Cornelius [Neil] Dowd
Charlie Dowd
23-Mariposa1978-cd1.jpg (156166 bytes)
 Mariposa location unknown. These were take in the Spring of 1978. Looking for any information, please post to search page.
26-Mariposa1978-cd.jpg (133943 bytes) 24-Mariposa1978-cd.jpg (87469 bytes)
Crew shot with breaker
25-Mariposa1978-cd.jpg (94182 bytes)   27-Mariposa1978-cd.jpg (83299 bytes)
29-Ryerson-Yr1978-cd.jpg (129600 bytes)
Passing Ryerson
28hleewhite-Yr1978-cd.jpg (156147 bytes)
H. Lee White bow

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