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June  15, 2009

6/15 - Hamilton  - John McCreery
1-Quebecois-6-13-09-jm.jpg (81552 bytes)
Quebecois entering Hamilton Harbour with ore from Duluth
2-Algowood-6-13-09-jm.jpg (113310 bytes)
 Algowood at Dofasco, came in with ore then loaded coke for Sept Iles
3-Quebecois-6-13-09-jm.jpg (94189 bytes)
Quebecois waiting for Algowood to finish loading
4-FederalPride-6-13-09-jm.jpg (117924 bytes)
Federal Pride arriving from Sorel
5-FederalPride-6-13-09-jm.jpg (152017 bytes)
Stern view passing under the bridges
6-Algowood-6-13-09-jm.jpg (65364 bytes)
Wide view with Provmar Terminal II, Canadian Provider, Algowood and Quebecois
7-CanProvider-6-13-09-jm.jpg (93047 bytes)
Bow view of the Canadian Provider still in lay up
8-JBAird-6-13-09-jm.jpg (78068 bytes)
John B Aird arriving in port

6/15 - Presque Isle at Erie Pa. - Presque Isle at Erie Pa.
Presque-Isle-003.jpg (104528 bytes)
Presque Isle with portable coffer dam alongside.
Presque-Isle-004.jpg (96276 bytes)
Working of shaft seal.

6/15 - Sarnia - Point Edward
- Marc Dease

J.W. Shelley backing out of the north slip at Point Edward after repairs.

Clear of the slip heading up bound.
3-jws-6-11-09-c-md.jpg (41210 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
4-miss-6-14-09-a-md.jpg (53561 bytes)
Mississagi down bound at 1 & 2, storm clouds astern.
5-miss-6-14-09-b-md.jpg (37836 bytes)
 below 1 & 2.
6-miss-6-14-09-c-md.jpg (38493 bytes)
wide view.

6/15 - Weekend Soo Traffic from the Museum Ship Valley Camp
Nathan J. Gregoric
02-JWShelly-6.12.09-NJG.jpg (143741 bytes)
JW Shelly upbound approaching the locks.
06-JWShelly-6.12.09-NJG.jpg (146021 bytes)
Shelly just off the fantail of the Valley Camp.
17-JWShelly-6.12.09-NJG.jpg (222518 bytes)
Shelly at pier for the lock. Notice a fellow Boatnerd taking pictures from the marina's boardwalk.
04-IndianaHarbor-6.13.09-NJ.jpg (86108 bytes)
Indiana Harbor upbound. With Soo Locks Boat Tours Bide-A-Wee and a sailboat roaming the river for a lockage upbound.
06-PeterRCrosswell-6.13.09-.jpg (87319 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell downbound. Passing Coast Guard Sector Sault Ste Marie and Katimi Bay along with Bide A Wee and the sailboat.
17-UnknownTug-6.13.09-NJG.jpg (115175 bytes)
Tug passing

31-Montrealais-6.13.09-NJG.jpg (145192 bytes)
Montrealais upbound just off Mission Street Boat Launch.
07-AECornlius-6.14.09-NJG.jpg (82079 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius upbound. pic from Valley Camp's port side at stern.
20-PaulRTregurtha-6.14.09-N.jpg (126973 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha downbound. Cornelius waiting for Tregurtha to be clear of the lock.
24-Tregurtha-6.14.09-NJG.jpg (108286 bytes)
Tregurtha getting supplies from Ojibway.
33-Tregurtha-6.14.09-NJG.jpg (131225 bytes) 43-Tregurtha-6.14.09-NJG.jpg (55373 bytes)
Ojibway's job is complete. Salute from both vessels and the Tregurtha throws the engine into high gear.

6/15 - Soo Saturday
Chris Wesendorf
1-Boland-6-13-09-cw.jpg (54899 bytes)
Boland downbound at Mission.
2-Indiana-Harbor-6-13-09-cw.jpg (49844 bytes)
Indiana Harbor upbound at Mission
3-cresswell-6-13-09-cw.jpg (58567 bytes)
Peter Cresswell downbound at Mission.
4-saginaw-6-13-09-cw.jpg (76229 bytes)
Saginaw upbound at Mission
5-cuyahoga-6-13-09-cw.jpg (70868 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound at Mission
6-Montrealais-6-13-09-cw.jpg (48946 bytes)
Montrealais upbound at mission
7-Michipicoten-6-14-09-cw.jpg (57003 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound Sunday morning off Point Iroquois Light.

6/15 - Detroit River 612/13
Mike Nicholls
ANDRIEBARBARAb07061209mn.jpg (43336 bytes)
Barbara Andrie upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ANDRIEBARBARAs09061209mn.jpg (47419 bytes) LIMNOSb14061209mn.jpg (62370 bytes)
Limnos at the Coast Guard Base, Amherstburg.
LIMNOSs12061209mn.jpg (66172 bytes) CALLAWAYCASONJs02061309mn.jpg (43001 bytes)
Cason J Callaway loading at Zug Island.
CALLAWAYCASONJloading030613.jpg (65784 bytes) CALLAWAYCASONJb04061309mn.jpg (52743 bytes) MARVELANNb06061309mn.jpg (44899 bytes)
Mar-Vel-Ann downbound off Sterling Fuel.

MARVELANNs07061309mn.jpg (46253 bytes) HOEYCAROLYNb08061309mn.jpg (74650 bytes)
Carolyn Hoey at Nicholson's Detroit
SEYMOURWILFs11061309mn.jpg (46922 bytes)
Wilf Seymour and Alouette Spirit at Nicholson's Detroit.
ALOUETTESPIRITb14061309mn.jpg (54478 bytes) ALOUETTESPIRITs10061309mn.jpg (45779 bytes) DETROITb18061309mn.jpg (48317 bytes)
Railbarge Detroit being scrapped at the Dean Construction Yard at La Salle.
THOMPSONJOSEPHHb20061309mn.jpg (32589 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson upbound off Bob-Lo Island.
THOMPSONJOSEPHHs21061309mn.jpg (35528 bytes) COLUMBIAVb15061209mn.jpg (83010 bytes)
Columbia V at Amherstburg.
GrosseIleLighthouse23061309.jpg (130209 bytes)
Grosse Ile Lighthouse refurbishment.
DIAMONDBELLEb31061309mn.jpg (59640 bytes)
Diamond Belle upbound above the Ambassador Bridge.
MARITIMETRADERb28061309mn.jpg (35404 bytes)
Maritime Trader at Sterling Fuel.
MARITIMETRADERs25061309mn.jpg (40646 bytes) MARITIMETRADERs33061309mn.jpg (38850 bytes) SENATORb39061309mn.jpg (58424 bytes)
Senator downbound off Nicholson's Detroit.
SENATORs35061309mn.jpg (66404 bytes)  
CEDARGLENb42061309mn.jpg (32731 bytes)
Cedarglen upbound at Fighting Island North Light.
CEDARGLENs44061309mn.jpg (26199 bytes)      

6/15 - Welland Canal Traffic
- Bob Dowson
1.orsula-06-14-09-bd.jpg (90598 bytes)
2.orsula-06-14-09-bd.jpg (56831 bytes)
Old name Federal Calumet
3.orsula-06-14-09-bd.jpg (110051 bytes)
Stern view
4.fedpride-06-14-09-bd.jpg (84541 bytes)
Federal Pride
5.fedpride-06-14-09-bd.jpg (85320 bytes)
Stern view
6.atlhuron-06-14-09-bd.jpg (96318 bytes)
Atlantic Huron
7.tus-06-14-09-bd.jpg (93419 bytes)
8.tus-06-14-09-bd.jpg (90706 bytes)
Stern view
9.empire-06-14-09-bd.jpg (182804 bytes)
Empire Sandy

6/15 -  Tuscarora below Lock 3 downbound
Eric Holmes
1-Tuscarora-06-14-09-eh.jpg (99519 bytes) 2-Tuscarora-06-14-09-eh.jpg (104825 bytes)      

6/15 - Buffalo River
- Brian W.
1-Endeavour-6-14-09-BW-JR.jpg (80877 bytes)
The Endeavor tied up to the Noco Pier on the morning of June 14 showing the ladders in the notch for the JAK coupler system.
2-Endeavour-6-14-09-BW-JR.jpg (128068 bytes)
The barge is shown as seen from the South Grand Island Bridge to be down by the stern and still unloading.
3-Endeavour-6-14-09-BW-JR.jpg (81509 bytes)
The tug Karen Andrie can be seen with her barge secured "on the hip" while unloading operations are underway.
4-E.M.-Cotter-6-14-09-BW-JR.jpg (119518 bytes)
The 109 year old Firetug Cotter is shown passing under the draw at Ohio St. after pumping for 20 hours straight on a large structure fire up the Buffalo River.
5-E.M.-Cotter-6-14-09-BW-JR.jpg (95374 bytes)
The Cotter is now heading back upstream after turning around to make the firetug dock.
6-E.M.-Cotter-6-14-09-BW-JR.jpg (105501 bytes)
The Captain is seen through the wheelhouse doorway.
7-E.M.-Cotter-6-14-09-BW-JR.jpg (143483 bytes)
The tug is seen backing into her slip at Michigan St.

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