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June  , 2009

6/16 - St. Marys River Monday  - Herm Klein
1-BG-6-15-09-HK.jpg (69159 bytes)
Birchglen up bound in the Stribling Dike
2-JWS-6-15-09-HK.jpg (79291 bytes)
JW Shelley down bound above light 29
3-Ptugs-6-15-09-HK.jpg (134644 bytes)
Purvis tugs in a row
4-YCF-6-15-09-HK.jpg (127750 bytes)
Yankcanuck and EM Ford at Purvis Dock

6/16 - BBC Rhine on Sunday in Montreal
 - Rene Beauchamp
BBC-Rhine-0808-140609-RBMTL.jpg (79439 bytes)        

6/16 - BBC Rhine is on her first trip up the Seaway
 - Ron Beaupre
1-bbcrhine-15-06-2009-rb.jpg (81502 bytes)
She has a load of windmill parts destined for Burns Harbor.
2-bbcrhine-15-06-2009-rb.jpg (78714 bytes)      

6/16 - John G Munson arriving in Marquette
 - Chris Wesendorf
1-Munson-6-15-09-cw.jpg (125198 bytes)
Munson coming into Marquette.
2-munson-6-15-09-cw.jpg (44621 bytes)
Making the turn into the harbor.
3-munson-6-15-09-cw.jpg (85020 bytes)
Munson arriving between the ore dock and the coal chute.

6/16 - Robert S. Pierson in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1_rsp_6_11_09_rb.jpg (105725 bytes)
Loading ore
2_rsp_6_12_09_rb.jpg (103014 bytes)
Arriving at the Upper Harbor
3_rsp_6_12_09_rb.jpg (128129 bytes)
Stern view, arriving

6/16 - South Chicago
Lou Gerard
STMARCHAL-6-14-09-LGb.jpg (55917 bytes)
St. Mary's Challenger transiting the Calumet River approaching the Torrance Ave Bridge on Sunday morning.
STMARCHAL-6-14-09-LG.jpg (85447 bytes)
About to pass under Torrance Ave. Bridge

6/16 - James Norris on Saturday
Eric Haberfellner
20090615_064110_1.jpg (40379 bytes)
About 6 nautical miles south of Toronto at the time.
20090615_064133_2.jpg (80491 bytes) 20090615_064219_4.jpg (37642 bytes) 20090615_064236_5.jpg (35563 bytes)  

6/16 - Canadian Leader on Lake Ontario
 - O
wen Schneider
June-09-101.jpg (37432 bytes)
Canadian Leader Monday morning heading to Hamilton. 
June-09-111.jpg (65524 bytes)
These photos were taken just on the Canadian side of the boarder, about 9-10 NM out of Niagara

6/16 - CSL Tadoussac in Goderich
 - Bruce Douglas
Tadoussac-winter-lay-up,-Go.jpg (77192 bytes)        

6/16 - Historical Collection of Chief Eng. Cornelius [Neil] Dowd
by Charlie Dowd
These slides are dated August 1979. Any help in name people or the boat would be helpful All 30 pictures will be posted in public gallery in about 1 week We know are father was fitting out the M/V Indiana Harbor at Bay Ship this year. 1-Stern-Dock-Side-Yr19-cd.jpg (69281 bytes)
Stern seen from the dock
2-Getting-ready-for0launch-.jpg (105304 bytes)
Getting ready for launch
3-Group-Yr1979-cd.jpg (88809 bytes)
4-getting-ready-for-launch-.jpg (112071 bytes)
Getting ready for launch
5-stern-water-side-Yr1979-c.jpg (99536 bytes)
Stern from from water side
6-there-she-goes-Yr1979-cd.jpg (75724 bytes)
There she goes

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