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June 17, 2009

6/17 - Brockville, Blockhouse Island, Monday evening  - Dave Bessant
1-McClearysSpirit-WJMoore-0.jpg (80911 bytes)
Barge McCleary's Spirit, and tug William J Moore
2-WJMoore-06-15-09-WDB.jpg (91326 bytes)
William J Moore close up
3-McClearysSpirit-WJMoore-0.jpg (69604 bytes)
McCleary's Spirit and William J Moore downbound
4-RtHonPaulJMartin-06-15-09.jpg (57690 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin downbound
5-RtHonPaulJMartin=06-15-09.jpg (94098 bytes)
Stern close up
6-RHPJMartin-BBCRhine-JDLei.jpg (48734 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin approaching BBC Rhine with a load of Turbine blades and John D Leitch close behind
7-BBCRhine-JDLeitch-RHPJMar.jpg (53913 bytes)
BBC Rhine with J D Leitch behind her. and Rt Hon Paul J Martin
8-BBCRhine-06-15-09-WDB.jpg (87293 bytes)
BBC Rhine with a full load of turbine blades yet high in the water still
9-BBCRhine-06-15-09-WDB.jpg (84941 bytes) 10-JDLeitch-06-15-09-WDB.jpg (76311 bytes)
John D Leitch approaching
11-JDLeitch-06-15-09-WDB.jpg (98292 bytes) 12-JDLeitch-06-15-09-WDB.jpg (69836 bytes)      

6/17 - Shipping at the Port of Hamilton -
John McCreery
1-CanLeader-6-15-09-jm.jpg (71396 bytes)
Canadian Leader off the Burlington Piers
2-CanLeader-6-15-09-jm.jpg (103447 bytes)
Stern view bound for Dofasco with ore from Sept Iles
3-Algoport-6-15-09-jm.jpg (101259 bytes)
Algoport at Pier 10
4-Ecosse-6-15-09-jm.jpg (111191 bytes)
Tug Ecosse
5-Vigilant-I-6-15-09-jm.jpg (109782 bytes)
Vigilant I, minus her raised pilot house
6-Hamiltonian-6-15-09-jm.jpg (152155 bytes)
Hamiltonian on a cruise of the harbor
7-HamitonHarbourQueen-6-15-.jpg (149358 bytes)
Hamilton Harbour Queen
8-JudgeMcCombs-6-15-09-jm.jpg (124229 bytes)
Judge McCombs
9-AtlanticHuron-6-15-09-jm.jpg (87139 bytes)
Atlantic Huron loading coke at Stelco for removal to Gary

6/17 - Pathfinder in Lorain
Jim Bobel
1-Path-6-15-09-jcb.jpg (33600 bytes)
 The ship passes the Lorain Lighthouse with the sun starting to set
2-Path-6-15-09-jcb.jpg (47199 bytes)
Making her way up the Black River.
3-Path-6-15-09-jcb.jpg (153887 bytes)
A couple stops fishing to watch the ship pass though the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge.
4-Path-6-15-09-jcb.jpg (41044 bytes)
Approaching the Jonick Dock with a calm river.
5-Path-6-15-09-jcb.jpg (69727 bytes)
At the Jonick Dock starting to raise the unloading boom.

6/17 - J.W. Shelley downbound at Point Edward Tuesday morning
 - Marc Dease
1-jws-6-16-09-a-md.jpg (59725 bytes)
Downbound at 1 & 2.
2-jws-6-16-09-b-md.jpg (78157 bytes)
Wheelhouse profile
3-jws-6-16-09-c-md.jpg (67822 bytes)
Downbound at the Black River.

6/17 - Saginaw unloading Monday at Essar Steel, Algoma ore dock in Sault Ste. Marie
saginawunloadsoo6-15-09-(7).jpg (115968 bytes) saginawunloadsoo6-15-09-(8).jpg (120213 bytes) saginawunloadsoo6-15-09-(2).jpg (157679 bytes) saginawunloadsoo6-15-09-(3).jpg (142117 bytes) saginawunloadsoo6-15-09-(1).jpg (161103 bytes)
June_15_2009_(6).jpg (142117 bytes) saginawunloadsoo6-15-09.jpg (143553 bytes) saginawunloadsoo6-15-09-(6).jpg (111230 bytes) saginawunloadsoo6-15-09-(5).jpg (140389 bytes)  

6/17 - Saginaw arrived in Marquette Tuesday evening for ore.
Lee Rowe
SaginawLR06160901.jpg (67843 bytes)
Saginaw arriving at the dock.
SaginawLR06160912.jpg (107594 bytes)
Slowly moving in.

6/17 - Dredging on the Genesee River, Port of Rochester N.Y. 6-2009
Richard Cooper
Dredging-6-09-Panorama-A-co.jpg (68920 bytes)        

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