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June  18, 2009

6/18 - South Chicago  - Steve Bauer
1-Mtwc-Beeg--6-17-09-sb.jpg (107930 bytes)
The Charles M. Beeghly and Manitowoc share dock space at KCBX on a cool, hazy Wednesday morning.
2-Beeg-6-17-09-sb.jpg (98772 bytes)
Stern view of the Beeghly, with new exhaust stacks and vents.
3-Beeg-6-17-09-sb.jpg (85878 bytes)
View of bow.
4-Mtwc-6-17-09-sb.jpg (79587 bytes)
Manitowoc tied up at the KCBX north dock at 100th St. 
5-Mtwc-6-17-09-sb.jpg (66387 bytes)
Port side view of bow, with the tug Tanner heading outbound with one barge. 

6/18 - St. Marys Challenger in Muskegon
Nathan Leindecker
1-Challenger-6-17-2009-njl.jpg (67186 bytes)
St Mary's Challenger turning in Muskegon Lake toward the Mart Dock
2-Challenger-6-17-2009-njl.jpg (61800 bytes)
Stern view docking at the Mart Dock
3-Challenger-6-17-2009-njl.jpg (88921 bytes)
Stern of Paul H. Townsend, MV Trieste, and the Challenger at the Mart Dock
4-Challenger-6-17-2009-njl.jpg (58501 bytes)
Blowing off steam

6/18 - American Courage in Green Bay with a load of stone from Port Inland for the Western Lime Dock
 - Scott Best
1-acourage-06-17-09-sb.jpg (74284 bytes)
Done unloading boom almost back on board.
2-acourage-06-17-09-sb.jpg (82132 bytes)
Turning around in the East River turning basin.
3-acourage-06-17-09-sb.jpg (97191 bytes)
Close up of bow thruster getting a work out.
4-acourage-06-17-09-sb.jpg (81764 bytes)
Stern view heading out to the Bay

6/18 - CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
Bob Vincent
1-AMariner,6-17-09-bv.jpg (73849 bytes)
American Mariner under ship loader waiting for crew
2-AMariner,6-17-09-bv.jpg (55924 bytes)
Red flag, taking on fuel
3-AMariner,6-17-09-bv.jpg (117989 bytes)
Finished loading
4-AMariner,6-17-09-bv.jpg (87975 bytes)
Heading out to Zug Island

6/18 - Windmill Pointe and Lake St Clair Traffic
Alex and Max Mager
1-Pathfin-6-17-09-AM.jpg (83880 bytes)
Pathfinder at Windmill Pointe
2-PathKwi-6-17-09-AM.jpg (88334 bytes)
Passing the Kwintebank
3-Kwinteb-6-17-09-AM.jpg (76876 bytes)
Kwintebank downbound into the Detroit River
4-Niagara-6-17-09-AM.jpg (93386 bytes)
CSL Niagara
5-Niagara-6-17-09-AM.jpg (91113 bytes)
Stern View
6-Maritim-6-17-09-AM.jpg (48950 bytes)
Maritime Trader bow profile
7-Maritim-6-17-09-AM.jpg (90560 bytes)
Into Lake St Clair
8-Gott-6-17-09-AM.jpg (61946 bytes)
Edwin H Gott
9-Gott-6-17-09-AM.jpg (82978 bytes)
Stern View
10-GotPro-6-17-09-AM.jpg (83175 bytes)
Gott passing the Canadian Progress
11-GotPro-6-17-09-AM.jpg (52183 bytes)
Gott headed upbound Progress headed downbound
12-Progre-6-17-09-AM.jpg (67259 bytes)
Canadian Progress
13-Progre-6-17-09-AM.jpg (82817 bytes)
Into the Detroit River
14-Courag-6-17-09-AM.jpg (59349 bytes)
American Courage
15-Courag-6-17-09-AM.jpg (92268 bytes)
Stern View

6/18 - Pere Marquette 41 Visits Kingsville
Erich Zuschlag
pm41kvillecez-06-17-09.jpg (45185 bytes)
Pere Marquette unloading stone from Marblehead Ohio
pm41kvillebez-06-17-09.jpg (58904 bytes)
Unloading onto the dock then being moved to another conveyer belt for the proper pile

6/18 - American Courage in Marquette
Rod Burdick
1_acour_6_13_09_rb.jpg (117088 bytes)
Loading ore
2_acour_6_13_09_rb.jpg (117367 bytes)
Stern view

6/18 - Wednesday the H Lee White brought coal to Marquette's Shiras dock in the lower harbor
Lee Rowe
HLWhiteLR06170901.jpg (81601 bytes)
H Lee White unloading coal.
HLWhiteLR06170904.jpg (88146 bytes)
Close up of stern

6/18 -
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