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June  19, 2009

6/19 - Algoway and Wyoming on the Rouge River June 18  - Ron Piskor
1-alw-6-18-09-rp.jpg (106107 bytes)
Algoway prepares to back out the Rouge River having just delivered a load of stone.
2-wyo-6-18-09-rp.jpg (103826 bytes)
G Tug Wyoming arrives to assist with a stern tow.
3-wyo-6-18-09-rp.jpg (120906 bytes)
Wyoming crew member manually pulls the Algoway’s stern tow line aboard.
4-wyo-6-18-09-rp.jpg (120617 bytes)
With tow line secured the Wyoming begins to pull.
5-wyo-6-18-09-rp.jpg (143752 bytes)
Wyoming pulling through the Jefferson Street Drawbridge.
6-wyo-6-18-09-rp.jpg (87478 bytes)
Algoway’s stern clears the drawbridge.
7-alw-6-18-09-rp.jpg (120732 bytes)
Algoway’s classic unloading boom clears Jefferson Street.
8-alw-6-18-09-rp.jpg (99466 bytes)
The bow passing through.
9-alw-6-18-09-rp.jpg (111160 bytes)
A torrent of whitewater is produced as both the Algoway and Wyoming pour on the power to keep the stern aligned through the narrow confines of the Short Cut Drawbridge.
10-alw-6-18-09-rp.jpg (103475 bytes)
Algoway crew members watch from the stern.
11-wyo-6-18-09-rp.jpg (158021 bytes)
Wyoming in the narrows of the Short Cut.
12-alw-6-18-09-rp.jpg (151882 bytes)
An Algoway crew member radios clearances to the pilot house.
13-alw-6-18-09-rp.jpg (89146 bytes)
Algoway’s bow below the draw and pipeline bridges of the Short Cut.
14-alw-6-18-09-rp.jpg (64458 bytes)
Algoway prepares to enter the Detroit River.

6/19 - South Chicago
Steve Bauer
1-Jack-6-18-09-sb.jpg (107969 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman unloading salt at Morton at 100th St. 
2-Jack-6-18-09-sb.jpg (142846 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly in the background.
3-JackMtwc-6-18-09-sb.jpg (86843 bytes)
Stern of Henry Jackman and bow view of Manitowoc at 100th St. bridge. 
4-KristinJ-6-18-09-sb.jpg (82926 bytes)
Gillen Company tug Kristin J slides between the Jackman and Manitowoc while pushing a work barge outbound. 
5-Tanner-6-18-09-sb.jpg (89584 bytes)
Shortly after the Krisin J passed, the tug Tanner is squeezing between the Jackman and Manitowoc inbound with two barges for Lake Calumet.
6-Mtwc-6-18-09-sb.jpg (77535 bytes)
Manitowoc still tied up at the North dock at KCBX.
7-Jack-6-18-09-sb.jpg (94540 bytes)
Henry Jackman adding to the salt pile at Morton.
8-JackMtwc-6-18-09-sb.jpg (121893 bytes)
Starting to replace the hatches, while in the background crewmembers of the Manitowoc perform some work.
9-Jack-6-18-09-sb.jpg (107034 bytes)
Clamping down the hatches before departure.
10-Mtwc-6-18-09-sb.jpg (106945 bytes)
Closeup of Manitowoc, and no loading being done on the Charles M. Beeghly
11-JackMtwcG-6-18-09-sb.jpg (63706 bytes)
Crewmembers throwing out the tow line as the G Tug Colorado arrives for the tow out to Lake Michigan.
12-Clrdo-6-18-09-sb.jpg (147223 bytes)
Tying off the tow line on the Colorado.
13-Clrdo-6-18-09-sb.jpg (113414 bytes)
Outbound for the lake passing under 100th St. bridge.
14-Jack-6-18-09-sb.jpg (92482 bytes)
Holding up at the NS-5 bridge, waiting for traffic to clear.
15-Jack-6-18-09-sb.jpg (149221 bytes)
Clearing the NS bridge, approaching 95th St bridge.
16-Clrdo-6-18-09-sb.jpg (177137 bytes)
Colorado about to pass under 95th St. bridge.
17-Jack-6-18-09-sb.jpg (77976 bytes)
Crewmembers taking in the sights as the Henry Jackman heads towards the lake.
18-Jack-6-18-09-sb.jpg (57490 bytes)
Clear of 95th St, approaching the 92nd St. bridge.

6/19 - Algocanada Iroquois Lock
 - Ron Beaupre
1-algocan-18-06-09-rb.jpg (73037 bytes)
Slides the wall approaching Iroquois Lock.
2-algocan-18-06-09-rb.jpg (81694 bytes)
Algocanada is on her first trip into the Lakes.

6/19 - Calumet at MCI-Detroit Bulk
(Township Dock)  -
Einar R. Petersen
GEDC0018.jpg (76221 bytes)
GEDC0013.jpg (56728 bytes)      

6/19 - Sykes in lay-up
at the "sheds" near Lake Calumet, Chicago, Illinois. Docked a few hundred feet to the East, the CTC 1  - Tom Milton
Sykes-6-18-09-TM1.jpg (123302 bytes)
Not the happiest way to spend your 60th birthday, with abandon sheds and a landfill as company.

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