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June 20 - 21, 2009

6/21 - Welland Canal June 19  - John McCreery
1-JBAird-6-19-09-jm.jpg (78368 bytes)
John B Aird arriving at Port Weller
2-Griffon-6-19-09-jm.jpg (94119 bytes)
Griffon at the dry dock
3-Algocanada-6-19-09-jm.jpg (117255 bytes)
Lock 4 with Algocanada and boat watchers
4-Algocanada-6-19-09-jm.jpg (127858 bytes)
Rising in lock 7 moored to the wall the old fashioned way
5-Algocanada-6-19-09-jm.jpg (99822 bytes)
Nearly raised and ready for departure
6-Algocanada-6-19-09-jm.jpg (82695 bytes)
Underway above 7, destination Nanticoke
7-Algocanada-6-19-09-jmjpg.jpg (88399 bytes)
Another view on her inaugural trip to the Great lakes
8-Algocanada-6-19-09-jm.jpg (79949 bytes)
Stern view up bound at Thorold

6/21 - American Century in Muskegon
Greg Barber
2-AMER.-CENTURY-620-09-GB.jpg (48947 bytes)
American Century turning around
3-AMER.CENTURY-6-20-09-GB.jpg (56575 bytes)
 American Century backing into the Cobb Power Plant
4-ST.-MARYS-CHALLENGER-6-20.jpg (55969 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger laid up at the Mart Dock in Muskegon

6/21 - Ship Traffic at Hamilton
- John McCreery
1-EvansMcKeil-6-19-09-jm.jpg (125619 bytes)
Evans McKeil departing for Port Weller
2-EvansMcKeil-6-19-09-jm.jpg (91828 bytes)
Stern view
3-Algocape-6-19-09-jmjpg.jpg (59814 bytes)
Algocape approaching the Burlington Piers
4-Algocape-6-19-09-jm.jpg (78559 bytes)
Entering the piers with ore from Pointe Noire
5-Algocape-6-19-09-jm.jpg (86933 bytes)
Another view
6-Algocape-6-19-09-jm.jpg (110173 bytes)
7-Algocape-Montrealais-6-19.jpg (109395 bytes)
 At the Dofasco dock with the nearly unloaded Montrealais. Next port for Algocape is Thunder Bay

6/21 - CSX Torco Ore Dock Toledo
Bob Vincent
1-Pathfinder,6-19-09-bv1.jpg (82412 bytes)
Pathfinder under the ship loader
2-DorothyAnn,6-19-09-bv1.jpg (109860 bytes)
Tug Dorothy Ann
3-Pathfinder,6-19-09-bv1.jpg (104063 bytes)
Barge Pathfinder being loaded for Holland, MI
4-DorthyAnn,6-19-09-bv1.jpg (102452 bytes)
Another view
5-Ojibway,6-19-09-bv1.jpg (75374 bytes)
Ojibway waiting for train bridge to open
1-AtlandticErie,6-18-09-bv.jpg (78519 bytes)
 Atlantic Erie
2-AtlanticErie,6-18-09-bv.jpg (128962 bytes)
Unloading ore
3-AtlanticErie,6-18-09-bv.jpg (77811 bytes)
Another look

6/21 - Wind Turbines Port of Indiana
1-BbcRhine-6-19-2009-pz.jpg (138130 bytes) 3-BbcRhine-6-19-2009-pz.jpg (80575 bytes) 2-BbcRhine-6-19-2009-pz.jpg (71359 bytes)    

6/21 - Marquette. Mich.
Rod Burdick
1_cmb_6_20_09_rb.jpg (88420 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly arriving at Marquette's Upper Harbor on her first trip after repowering loaded with coal.
1_jgm_6_15_09_rb.jpg (137991 bytes)
John G. Munson in Marquette unloading coal.
2_jgm_6_15_09_rb.jpg (134513 bytes)
Bow view
3_jgm_6_15_09_rb.jpg (112495 bytes)
Profile view

6/21 - Goderich
 - B. Douglas
100_tadoussac6-19-09.jpg (117207 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac during lay-up Friday.
tadoussac6-19-09.jpg (132420 bytes)
Michipicoten unloading grain Friday.

6/21 - Goderich
 - David Coope
1-away-20-06-09-dc.jpg.jpg (78399 bytes)
Algoway under the salt dock after a foggy arrival.
2-michi-20-06-09-dc.jpg.jpg (106261 bytes)
Michipicoten at the grain elevator

6/21 - St. Lawrence River - Alexandria Bay Traffic
Michael Folsom
Algoisle-6-19-09-mf.jpg (71769 bytes)
Maritime-Trader-6-20-09-mf.jpg (78263 bytes)
Maritime Trader

6/21 - Duluth/ Superior traffic Thursday
Travis Chadwick
1-prsqisle-6-19-09tc.jpg (100668 bytes)
Presque Isle at DMIR with Quebecois departing the dock.
2-quebecois6-19-09tc.jpg (67039 bytes)
Quebecois passing Superior Midwest Energy Terminal in nighttime fog.
3-quebecois6-19-09tc.jpg (102364 bytes)
Quebecois departing Duluth with a load of taconite.
4-hjackson-6-19-09tc.jpg (67513 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson waiting to load grain at CHS # 1.
5-mccarthy-6-19-09tc.jpg (44449 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. at Duluth Port Terminal.

6/21 - Friday at Brockville Ontario
 - Dave Bessant
1-JadeStar-06-19-09-.jpg (58846 bytes)
Jade Star approaching Brockville
2-JadeStar-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (93063 bytes) 3-JadeStar-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (57300 bytes) 4-Vaasaborg-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (59028 bytes)
Vaasaborg Eastbound
5-Vaasaborg-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (69479 bytes)
6-AlgoIsle-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (71724 bytes)
AlgoIsle Eastbound at Brockville
7-AlgoIsle-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (66236 bytes) 8-AlgoIsle-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (59759 bytes) 9-Alexia-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (64410 bytes)
Alexia also Eastbound
10-Alexia-06-19-09-WDB.jpg (74782 bytes)
11-Alexia-AlgoIsle-06-19-09.jpg (46598 bytes)
Alexia eastbound with AlgoIsle in the distance, and a dive boat in the foreground
12-RadiumYellowknife-06-19-.jpg (54763 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife
13-RadiumYellowknife-06-19-.jpg (70466 bytes) 14-CanadianEmpress-06-19-09.jpg (80752 bytes)
Canadian Empress tied up at Blockhouse Island Brockville

6/21 - Crossover Island
Murray Blancher
1-Isolda-06-19-09-MB-.jpg (55579 bytes)
 Isolda upbound at crossover island
2-Frontanac-06-19-09-MB-.jpg (48907 bytes) 3-Isolda-&-Frontanac-06-19-.jpg (42728 bytes)
Isolda & Frontanac meet at crossover
4-Isolda-06-19-09-MB-.jpg (54309 bytes)  

6/21 - Historical Perspective
1977 tug race from Fort Wayne, near the starting line. - Jim Byrne
1-tugrace-76-jb.jpg (107698 bytes)
Revving up just after the start.
2-tugrace-76-jb.jpg (113668 bytes)
Let the wakes roll
3-tugrace-76-jb.jpg (116467 bytes)
Leading the pack.
4-tugrace-76-jb.jpg (108781 bytes)
Columbia and Helene passing Fort Wayne in a churned up Detroit River.


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