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June  22, 2009

6/22 - Lower Lakes fleet at various ports around Lake Michigan  - Greg Barber
1-Manistee-5-6-06-GB.jpg (81366 bytes)
Manistee inbound Muskegon
2-Mississagi-8-23-06-GB.jpg (61611 bytes)
Mississagi backing away from the dock in Muskegon
3-Calumet-5-28-07-GB.jpg (52725 bytes)
Calumet coming across Holland
4-Calumet-5-28-07-GB.jpg (70675 bytes)
Calumet outbound Holland
5-Manistee-6-30-07-GB.jpg (76160 bytes)
Manistee backing through railroad bridge in St. Joe
6-Manistee-6-30-07-GB.jpg (75313 bytes)
Manistee backing out of St. Joe
7-Maumee-7-24-07-GB.jpg (55210 bytes)
Maumee heading for St. Joe
8-Manitowac-6-1-08-GB.jpg (71527 bytes)
Manitowoc making the turn in Grand Haven past the Coast Guard Station
9-MAUMEE-8-3-08-GB-.jpg (69056 bytes)
Maumee inbound Grand Haven
10-MISSISSAGI-8-7-08-GB(.jpg (64585 bytes)
Mississagi backing out of Grand Haven
11-MAUMEE-9-27-08-GB-.jpg (74991 bytes)
Maumee backing out through railroad bridge in St. Joe
12-MAUMEE-9-27-08-GB-.jpg (70846 bytes)
Maumee backing out through the St. Joe piers
13-SAGINAW-10-18-08-GB-.jpg (65440 bytes)
Saginaw heading for the Muskegon breakwall
14-SAGINAW-10-18-08-GB-.jpg (59814 bytes)
Saginaw in Muskegon Lake

6/22 - Duluth/ Superior and Marquette
 - Lee Rowe
JRBarkerLR06190906.jpg (85682 bytes)
James R Barker in the turning basin, Duluth.
JRBarkerLR06190925.jpg (68118 bytes)
JRBarkerLR06190931.jpg (90184 bytes)
Top of ship/bottom of bridge.
CMBeeghlyLR06200901.jpg (71614 bytes)
Beeghly in Marquette
JRBarkerLR06200903.jpg (73547 bytes)
James R Barker in Marquette
JRBarkerLR06200915.jpg (59559 bytes)        

6/22 - Sunday at the Welland Canal
 - Bill Bird
1-AlgocapeBirchglen-6-21-09.jpg (75907 bytes)
Algocape exiting Lock 8 with Birchglen tied on west wall above the lock
2-Algocape-6-21-09-bb.jpg (78536 bytes)
Algocape clear of Bridge 21 about to enter Lake Erie
3-Birchglen-6-21-09-bb-a.jpg (70121 bytes)
After delay of more than two and a half hours for engine trouble and loading supplies, Birchglen is once again underway.
4-Birchglen-6-21-09-bb-b.jpg (58460 bytes)
Using bow thruster, Birchglen is angled over to east wall above Lock 8
5-Birchglen-6-21-09-bb-c.jpg (38051 bytes)
One of previous names Federal Richelieu still visible on hull.
6-Birchglen-6-21-09-d.jpg (62986 bytes)
Sliding into Lock 8
7-Everlastandbarge-6-21-09-.jpg (59878 bytes)
Tug Everlast and barge Norman McLeod clear of Lock 2 downbound
Sunday at Welland Canal.

6/22 - James R. Barker unloading coal in Marquette
Luke Archer
1-JRBarker-6-21-09-la.jpg (84907 bytes) 2-JRBarker-6-21-09-la.jpg (82077 bytes)      

6/22 - St. Mary's River Sunday
Herm Klein
1-FedE-6-21-09-HK.jpg (95107 bytes)
Federal Elbe down bound above the Rock Cut at light 33
2-FedE-6-21-09-HK.jpg (84734 bytes)
Federal Elbe bow
3-FedE-6-21-09-HK.jpg (81012 bytes)
Enters the Rock Cut

6/22 - Maumee loading salt at Fairport Harbor, Ohio Saturday
Martin F. McGuan
1-Maumee-6-29-09-MFM.jpg (74117 bytes)
3/4 profile shot of the entire ship.
2-MaumeeStack-6-20-09-MFM.jpg (69656 bytes)
Stack and stern detail.  Note the plume of steam escaping the stack.
3-MaumeeWinch-6-20-09-MFM.jpg (53734 bytes)
Steam winches are used to move the boat during loading.  A cloud  of steam is evidence of their operation.
4-MaumeeLoader-6-20-09-MFM.jpg (106569 bytes)
The operator of the salt loader keeps careful watch while loading of the salt cargo.
2-PCPIIProfile-6-20-09-MFM.jpg (107940 bytes)
Point Counterpoint II in town on Saturday
1-PCPIIBow-6-20-09-MFM.jpg (63044 bytes) 3-PCPIIBldPL-6-20-09-MFM.jpg (220755 bytes)      

6/22 - Maritime Trader downbound past the Mercier Bridge, Montreal
Ken Goslett
 1-MtmTdr-210609kg.jpg (83594 bytes) 2-MtmTdr-210609kg.jpg (77286 bytes)      

6/22 - Kingsville
Erich Zuschlag
peleeislanderkvilleez-20-06.jpg (79051 bytes)
Pelee Islander coming into Kingsville. Note the size of the pile left by the Pere Marquette 41
Jiimaankvilleez-20-06-09.jpg (86667 bytes)
Jiimaan loading in Kingsville
cuyahogakvilleez-20-06-09.jpg (138594 bytes)
Cuyahoga backing out of the harbor after drawing a crowd down by the bay. She visited twice this weekend
misskvilleez-20-06-09.jpg (95952 bytes)
Mississagi turning off the harbor then heading off to Marblehead to load again for Kingsville. She visited three times this weekend
stonepilekvilleez-21-06-09.jpg (60619 bytes)
The pile left by five boat loads and three loads on the PM41

6/22 - Public Gallery Updates

6/22 - Tug Race Gallery Updates

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