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June 23, 2009

6/23 - Algosoo Friday Night at Toronto Portlands - Mike Quigg
torontoship.jpg (57343 bytes)        

6/23 - Monday at the Soo
Herm Klein
1-ALSO-6-22-09-HK.jpg (57671 bytes)
Algosoo upbound at Lime Island
2-CPr-6-22-09-HK.jpg (71798 bytes)
Canadian Progress abeam at Round Island
3-KEL-6-22-09-HK.jpg (107951 bytes)
Karl E Luedtke in the Rock Cut
4-JBA-6-22-09-HK.jpg (73112 bytes)
John B Aird up bound at Mission Point

6/23 - Saginaw at Marquette's Upper Harbor ore
Rod Burdick
1_sag_6_16_09_rb.jpg (128748 bytes)
Wide view
2_sag_6_16_09_rb.jpg (123574 bytes)
Stern view, loading chutes down

6/23 - Detroit Traffic
 - Mike Nicholls
ENDEAVOURb12061609mn.jpg (39129 bytes)
Endeavour and Karen Andrie at Marathon in the Rouge River.
ANDRIEKARENb08061609mn.jpg (52132 bytes) ENDEAVOURs05061609mn.jpg (52694 bytes)

ANDRIEKARENs07061609mn.jpg (58359 bytes) JOANVbargeb03061809mn.jpg (38291 bytes)
Tug Joan V and apartment barge upbound off Morterm in Windsor.
JOANVbarges07061809mn.jpg (52662 bytes) ALGOWAYb09061809mn.jpg (43195 bytes) ALGOWAYS10061809MN.jpg (39652 bytes)
Algoway downbound at Fighting Island South Light.
REDHEADb02061909mn.jpg (40768 bytes)
Redhead (Hong Kong) upbound at Fighting Island South Light.
REDHEADs04061909mn.jpg (39548 bytes)
BIRCHGLENb02062009mn.jpg (35208 bytes)
Birchglen downbound at Fighting Island South Light.
BIRCHGLENs03062009mn.jpg (41109 bytes) THUNDERCAPEb06062009mn.jpg (71933 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Thunder Cape at Amherstburg.
HYDRAb09062009mn.jpg (52388 bytes)
Hydra downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
HYDRAs10062009mn.jpg (58727 bytes)
R&Rb11062009mn.jpg (59074 bytes)
Tug R & R downbound off B.A.S.F. Wyandotte.
OCEANISb15062009mn.jpg (62164 bytes)
Oceanis downbound behind Belle Isle.
OCEANISs16062009mn.jpg (78275 bytes) MISSISSAGIALGOSOOb01062109m.jpg (31377 bytes)
Michipicoten Mississagi and Algosoo at Fighting Island North Light.
MISSISSAGIb06062109mn.jpg (34598 bytes)
MICHIPICOTENs03062109mn.jpg (38933 bytes) LAMBERTSPIRITb07062109mn.jpg (49132 bytes) LAMBERTSPIRITs10062109mn.jpg (47417 bytes)
Lambert Spirit and Salvor unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.

SALVORb08062109mn.jpg (52840 bytes)
SALVORs09062109mn.jpg (47237 bytes)

HOGANJOSEPHJb17062109mn.jpg (77907 bytes)
Joseph J Hogan downbound under the Ambassador Bridge.
HOGANJOSEPHJs18062109mn.jpg (84738 bytes) LAKETRADERb21062019mn.jpg (45737 bytes)
Barge Lake Trader and tug John M Selvick downbound under the Ambassador Bridge.
LAKETRADERs24062019mn.jpg (37247 bytes) FRIENDSGOODWILLb26062109mn.jpg (46823 bytes)
Tall Ship Friends Good Will off of the RenCen.
FRIENDSGOODWILLs29062109mn.jpg (50764 bytes) OJIBWAYb33062109mn.jpg (46656 bytes)
Ojibway at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
OJIBWAYs35062109mn.jpg (53021 bytes) LEITCHJOHNDb41062109mn.jpg (44122 bytes) LEITCHJOHNDs44062109mn.jpg (47572 bytes)
John D Leitch at Ojibway Salt.

6/23 - Seaway
 - Ron Beaupre
1-clelia-22-06-09-rb-004.jpg (75657 bytes)
Clelia II, formerly Renaissance Four, built 1990 at La Spezia heads up the river to the Great Lakes.

6/23 - Gott passing BoatNerd headquarters
 - Mary Tallant
Gott.jpg (56804 bytes)        

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