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June  24 - 25, 2009

6/25 - Duluth/ Superior - Travis Chadwick
1-jbarker-6-24-09-tc.jpg (66838 bytes)
James R. Barker loading coal at Superior Midwest Energy Terminal.
2-callaway-6-24-09tc.jpg (81997 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway arriving at Duluth. She had departed earlier that day after unloading stone. She then took on a partial load of taconite at Two Harbors, then came back to Duluth to complete the load.
3-cprogress6-24-09tc.jpg (75155 bytes)
Canadian progress loading taconite at DMIR.  
4-amcentury6-24-09tc.jpg (72351 bytes)
American Century waiting to load coal at SMET upon the Barkers departure.
5-orsula-6-24-09-tc.jpg (104835 bytes)
Orsula being assisted by two G tugs out of CHS 1 after loading grain.
6-jbaird-6-24-09-tc.jpg (56694 bytes)
John B. Aird loading coal at SMET.

6/25 - St. Lawrence Seaway South Shore Canal
 - Kent Malo
JWShelley6-23-09-km.jpg (104778 bytes)
J.W. Shelley upbound for Thunder Bay
JWShelley6-23-09-km-b.jpg (48624 bytes) Algocanada6-24-09-km.jpg (77919 bytes)
Algocanada downbound for Halifax
Algocanada6-24-09-km-c.jpg (59533 bytes) Algocanada6-24-09-km-b.jpg (94291 bytes)

6/24 - Clelia II tied up at Rochester NY Charlotte harbor terminal
John M
1-Clelia2-6-23-09-jm.jpg (78027 bytes)
Clelia II tied up at Rochester NY Charlotte harbor terminal for US Coast Guard inspection before entering summer cruise service on the Great Lakes for the first time.
2-Clelia2-6-23-09-jm.jpg (89942 bytes)
Mooring line guards, bulbous bow and bow thruster presence markings.
3-Clelia2-6-23-09-jm.jpg (69979 bytes)
Two of four similar lifeboats.
4-Clelia2-6-23-09-jm.jpg (90148 bytes)
Stern view of the Celia II moored just north of the old fast ferry vehicle ramp.

6/24 - Buffalo
 - Brian W.
1-Jackson-6-23-09-BW.jpg (125408 bytes)
This shot shows the Washington leading the Jackson under the Ohio St. Bridge.
2-Jackson-6-23-09-BW.jpg (95157 bytes)
Here we see the tug working hard to bring the Jackson's stern around the 45 degree bend at Ohio St. to line up with the reach of the river below the bridge.
3-Jackson-6-23-09-BW.jpg (140187 bytes)
This vertical view shows the bow of the grain boat just clearing the Southern bridge abutment and the LaFarge Cement Dock as the ship is centered in the channel.
4-Jackson-6-23-09-BW.jpg (112074 bytes)
We now see a pleasure boater taking his life in his hands by wheeling past the Jackson as she maneuvers through the turn. A bow thruster application at this moment could easily swamp a smaller craft like this. The tug and the ship were in constant contact about various boaters trying to impatiently sneak by during the tow. 
5-Jackson-6-23-09-BW.jpg (101173 bytes)
The Washington is seen in this view leading the Jackson past the General Mills plant.
6-Jackson-6-23-09-BW.jpg (124286 bytes)
The tow is now passing under the Buffalo Skyway Bridge.
7-Jackson-6-23-09-BW.jpg (60787 bytes)
The Washington is seen heading into the Watson Basin toward a beautiful sunset over the lake.

6/24 - St Lawrence Seaway South shore canal
Kent Malo
Paradigm6-20-09-km.jpg (97092 bytes)
St Vincent and the Grenadines registered yacht Paradigm, June 20,upbound for the Lakes.
Maritime-Trader6-23-09-km-b.jpg (84299 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound for Trois Rivieres June 21.
Enchanter6-21-09-km.jpg (102433 bytes)
Big Lift Enchanter upbound for Detroit June 21.
Enchanter6-23-09-km-b.jpg (84997 bytes)
Another view of the Big Lift Enchanter.
CSLLaurentien6-14-09-km.jpg (78101 bytes)
CSL Laurentien upbound for Toledo, Ohio, June 14.
Algowood6-20-09-km.jpg (82662 bytes)
Algowood upbound for Toledo, Ohio, June 20.
Algoilse6-20-09-km.jpg (89058 bytes)
AlgoIsle downbound for Baie Comeau, Quebec, June 20.
LM-Lauzier6-23-09-km.jpg (131362 bytes)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police vessel L M Lauzier downbound for Montreal June 23

6/24 - South Shore at Navy Pier
Bob Kalal
6-19-09-South-Shore-at-Navy.jpg (113851 bytes)        

6/24 - Adam E. Cornelius from the 1950's
 - Brian Halliday
Adam-E-Cornelius.jpg (51065 bytes)
From my late father's collection.   It was taken on the Canadian side of the St. Clair River, I believe adjacent to where the power lines crossed the river (well before the Lambton Generating Station was built).    My uncle's family had a farm at Bowen Creek, just north of LGS, and my father took this photo one morning.


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