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June  26 - 27, 2009

6/27 - Welland Canal Photos from June 25  - Paul Beesley
1-Barba-6-25-09-pb.jpg (107116 bytes)
Barbara Andrie clear of Lock 1 downbound
2-Barba-6-25-09-pb.jpg (97457 bytes)
Barbara Andrie approaching Port Weller piers toward Lake Ontario.
3-Limn-6-25-09-pb.jpg (61165 bytes)
CCGS Limnos downbound toward Lock 1 after the downpour and squall.
4-JDLei-6-25-09-pb.jpg (59721 bytes)
John D Leitch with her bow in the mud below Lock 2.  She suffered a mechanical problem that set her onto the east bank of the canal.
5-reddog-6-25-09-pb.jpg (145323 bytes)
Red Dog waiting at the small boat dock in Port Weller.  ASI Clipper and Mrs C in the background.

6/27 - St. Lawrence Seaway South Shore Canal
Kent  Malo
Salarium6-26-09-km.jpg (99487 bytes)
Salarium down bound for the Magdalen Islands, QC. for salt, after unloading at Prescott, Ont., June 26
Salvor-Lambert-Spirit6-25-0.jpg (71592 bytes)
McKeil tug Salvor and barge Lambert Spirit downbound for Sorel, Quebec, June, 25.
SalvorLambertSpirit6-25-09-.jpg (96675 bytes) MelissaDesgagnes6-25-09-km.jpg (84853 bytes)
Melissa Desgagnes downbound for Cote Ste Catherine wharf, above lock 2 June 25
MelossaDesgagnes6-25-09-km-.jpg (106042 bytes)
CanadianProspector6-24-09-k.jpg (137855 bytes)
Canadian Prospector up bound for Thunder Bay, Ont., June 24.
Canadian-Prospector6-24-09-.jpg (99945 bytes)      

6/27 - Detroit
Mike Nicholls
ALGOEASTb09062509mn.jpg (46981 bytes)
Algoeast downbound off DMT2.
ALGOEASTs11062509mn.jpg (45843 bytes) NIAGARASPIRITs18062509mn.jpg (37907 bytes)
Niagara Spirit & Tony Mackay down off DMT2.
NIAGARASPIRITb14062509mn.jpg (43815 bytes) MACKAYTONYs17062509mn.jpg (53725 bytes)
MACKAYTONYb15062509mn.jpg (54757 bytes) CGB12002MOBILEBAYb19062509m.jpg (53500 bytes)
CGB 12002 & Mobile Bay down off DMT2.
MOBILEBAYb23062509mn.jpg (49208 bytes) CGB12002MOBILEBAYs24062509m.jpg (50141 bytes) FEDERALLEDAb28062509mn.jpg (49487 bytes)
Federal Leda downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
FEDERALLEDAs29062509mn.jpg (42480 bytes) MAUMEEb34062509mn.jpg (41740 bytes)
Maumee upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
MAUMEEs35062509mn.jpg (58657 bytes) BBCVERMONTb41062509mn.jpg (34349 bytes)
BBC Vermont upbound off Amherstburg.
BBCVERMONTs43062509mn.jpg (48763 bytes)

6/27 - Upbound traffic at Brockville
 - Dave Bessant
1-Algoisle-Cedarglen-06-26-.jpg (76525 bytes)
Algoisle followed by Cedarglen westbound nearing Brockville
2-Algoisle-06-26-09-WDB.jpg (87552 bytes) 3-Algoisle-06-26-09-WDB.jpg (71091 bytes) 4-Algoisle-06-26-09-WDB.jpg (100618 bytes) 5-Cedarglen-CaribouIsle-06-.jpg (85787 bytes)
Cedarglen followed by Canadian Coast Guard vessel Caribou Isle
6-Cedarglen-06-26-09-WDB.jpg (88046 bytes)
Cedarglen at Blockhouse Island
7-Cedarglen-06-26-09-WDB.jpg (69977 bytes)
Cedarglen, with deckhands working out front
8-Cedarglen-06-26-09-WDB.jpg (96734 bytes) 9-Cedarglen-06-26-09-WDB.jpg (61582 bytes) 10-CaribouIsle-06-26-09-WDB.jpg (93284 bytes)
Caribou Isle following Cedarglen

6/27 - Jade Star shifting docks on Friday
with the Desgagnés yellow stripe painted recently - René Beauchamp
IMG_4735.jpg (68431 bytes)        

6/27 - John R Asher and Spud working on the breakwater in Petoskey, Mi  -
Brad Hyatt
2-JRAsher-06-25-09-bch.jpg (106055 bytes) 1-JRAsher-06-25-09-bch.jpg (117215 bytes)      

6/27 - Lake & Rail Elevator Buffalo
Paul B.
IMG_0605.jpg (42989 bytes) IMG_0617.jpg (30885 bytes) IMG_0609.jpg (45994 bytes) IMG_0608.jpg (51894 bytes)  

6/27 - Public Gallery Updates

6/26 - June 25 between Brockville and Prescott Ontario
 - Dave Bessant
1-Sabina-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (99808 bytes)
Sabina  downbound at Maitland
2-Fairload-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (83019 bytes)
Fairload of Jumbo Shipping bound to Burns Harbor
3-Fairload-Sabina-06-25-09-.jpg (104656 bytes)
Fairload and Sabina meeting at Maitland
4-Fairload-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (79367 bytes)
Fairload approaching Brockville
5-Fairload-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (85639 bytes)
6-Fairload-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (70790 bytes)
Fairload stack closeup
7-Fairload-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (92483 bytes) 8-Salarium-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (73966 bytes)
Salarium ( ex Nanticoke ) unloading Salt at Prescott
9-Salarium-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (111746 bytes)
Salarium viewed from the Green Fields  Ethanol plant
10-Salarium-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (96777 bytes)
Salarium nearing the end of her unloading
11-Salarium-06-25-09-WDB.jpg (76345 bytes)
Salarium close up

6/26 - Brockville and Prescott
Murray Blancher
1-Fairload-06-25-09-MB-.jpg (85741 bytes)
Fairload upbound at Brockville On.
2-Fairload-06-25-09-MB-.jpg (90125 bytes) 3-Fairload-06-25-09-MB-.jpg (95544 bytes) 4-Salarium-06-25-09-MB-.jpg (82021 bytes)
Salarium unloading salt at Prescott On.
5-Salarium-06-25-09-MB-.jpg (101042 bytes)

6/26 - St. Lawrence
 - Ron Beaupre
1-fairload-25-06-09-rb.jpg (70435 bytes)
Fairload is upbound below Iroquois Lock.
2-fairld-25-06-09-rb.jpg (82240 bytes)
Fairload is bound for Burns Harbor.
1-sabina-25-06-09-rb1.jpg (70641 bytes)
Sabina is downbound in the St. Lawrence.
2-sabina-25-06-09-rb1.jpg (73662 bytes)
Headed for the sea.

6/26 - K-Sea Tug, Dublin Sea at Marinette Marine
 - Dick Lund
1-DS-06-20-09-dl.jpg (74042 bytes)
Dublin Sea at the launch area of Marinette Marine on June 20
2-DS-06-20-09-dl.jpg (74813 bytes)
Stern view of the twin-prop K-Sea tug
3-DS-06-23-09-dl.jpg (66562 bytes)
On June 23 the pilothouse was moved to the dock alongside the tug

6/26 - Detroit River
Mike Nicholls and Katie Moore
KOBASICERIKAb18062409km.jpg (72515 bytes)
Erica Kobasic and barge downbound off Belanger Park in River Rouge, MI.
KOBASICERIKAs20062409km.jpg (50154 bytes) ATLANTICHURONb24062409km.jpg (58079 bytes)
Atlantic Huron downbound off the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
ATLANTICHURONs30062409km.jpg (53547 bytes) SELVICKJOHNMb06062409mn.jpg (49392 bytes)
John M Selvick and barge Lake Trader loading heavy cargo from the Enchanter for Marathon Oil in the Rouge River.
LAKETRADERb05062409mn.jpg (56805 bytes) CANADIANTRANSPORTb11062409m.jpg (35399 bytes)
Canadian Transport loading at Ojibway Salt.
CANADIANTRANSPORTs09062409m.jpg (40288 bytes) OJIBWAYb14062409mn.jpg (41691 bytes)
Ojibway at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
OJIBWAYs12062409mn.jpg (49123 bytes)
M150s35062409mn.jpg (57502 bytes)
Tug Push Hog moving a fireworks barge.
PUSHHOGb33062409mn.jpg (51695 bytes)      

6/26 - Federal Leda loading grain in Goderich on a hot Wednesday evening
L. Stuparyk
1-FLeda-6-24-09-js.jpg (108827 bytes)        

6/26 - Maumee approaching Cargill Salt dock to load Tuesday
Bill Kloss
DSCF0185.jpg (146627 bytes)        

6/26 - Tug A. L. Killaly breaking ice at the mouth of  the Moira River in Belleville Ontario.
Ted Shepherd
The Moira river feeds into the Bay of Quinte and typically sees heavy frazzle ice buildup in the channel. Efforts to remove this ice during the peak of the cold winter months has created some challenges for the public works department of the city. Many methods have been used to remove this buildup such as backhoes and blasting but these were becoming increasingly expensive and involved considerable cost to the city. The tug has so far done an excellent job in keeping the buildup under control, at considerably less cost than all previous methods used. The history of this tug is unknown, any information would be helpful, please post to the Search page

alkillaly-28-12-05-ts-g.jpg (98687 bytes)

alkillaly-28-12-05-ts-d.jpg (127790 bytes)
alkillaly-28-12-05-ts.jpg (115940 bytes)

6/26 - Soo
 - Lee Rowe
BurnsHarborLR062409_10.jpg (82974 bytes)
Burns Harbor
BBCRhineLR062409_20.jpg (81501 bytes)
BBC Rhine
CDegagneLR062409_14.jpg (100457 bytes)
Catherine DesGagnes
FederalPrideLR062409_19.jpg (82221 bytes)
Federal Pride
PCresswellLR062409_07.jpg (114793 bytes)
Peter Cresswell
RedheadLR062409_08.jpg (75678 bytes)
IndHarborLR062409_14.jpg (69589 bytes)
 Indiana Harbor
MontrealaisLR062409_01.jpg (62373 bytes)
AmCenturyLR062509_07.jpg (29601 bytes)
American Century
AmCenturyLR062509_05.jpg (25503 bytes)
CasonCallawayLR062509_09.jpg (28399 bytes)
Cason J Callaway
CMBeeghlyLR062509_05.jpg (35710 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly
CCGCapeHurdLR062509_01.jpg (62525 bytes)
 CCG Cape Hurd
JJBolandLR062509_05.jpg (20471 bytes)
John J Boland
CanProgressLR062509_11.jpg (30219 bytes)
Canadian Progress
JBAirdLR062509_10.jpg (29270 bytes)
John B Aird

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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