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Soo Gathering - June  26 - 27, 2009

6/28 - Soo Gathering - Dotti Caldwell
1-Mont-6-24-09-dc.jpg (54655 bytes)
Montrealais early eve. downbound at the Soo.
2-Beeg-6-25-09-dc.jpg (114600 bytes)
Beeghly upbound at the Soo
3-Michip-6-25-09-dc.jpg (47781 bytes)
Michipicoten/Sunset West Pier Soo.
4-PRT-6-26-09-dc.jpg (85312 bytes)
Big Paul coming into Poe on Engineers Day
5-Innova-6-23-09-dc.jpg (89884 bytes)
LaFarge barge  Innovation w/tug Samuel D. Champlain -Caught this in Port Huron on our way up to the gathering.
6-Algoma-6-26-09-dc.jpg (152931 bytes)
Algoma (Essar) Steel plant -Taken from dinner cruise ship
7-Speer-6-26-09-dc.jpg (125733 bytes)
 Speer exiting Poe Lock - taken from dinner cruise ship. 

6/28 - Soo Gathering - Tom Thelen
1-Gott-6-26-09-tt.jpg (75310 bytes)
Crew of Edwin Gott using fire hoses to keep midsection cool.
2-Gott-6-26-09-tt.jpg (98654 bytes)
Crew of Gott keeps children cool by handing out ice cream. Thank you!
3-Ptreg-6-26-09-tt.jpg (96533 bytes)
Paul R. dwarfs Engineer’s Day crowd.
4-CDesgag-6-27-09-tt.jpg (89173 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes heading downbound with load of wheat.
5-BrnHab-6-28-09-tt.jpg (75172 bytes)
Burns Harbor waiting for Algowood to clear Poe Lock.
6-Kamqa-6-28-09-tt.jpg (86958 bytes)
 Kaministiqua entering MacArthur lock hauling grain.
7-Kamqa-6-28-09-tt.jpg (84078 bytes)
Flags on Kaministiqua
8-Erika-6-28-09-tt.jpg (74488 bytes)
Tug Erika Kobasic pulling a barge with a tank past Sherman Park.

6/28 - Soo Friday - Locks Open House and BoatNerd Cruise
- Dave Wobser

The annual group picture with many missing due to the early morning hour.

Lined up to cross the MacArthur Lock at 9 a.m.

Edwin H. Gott entering the Poe downbound

Gott in the Poe ready to be lowered

Spectators impressed with Gott's size

Gott lowered

Algosoo entering the MacArthur Lock (l) as Gott leaves

Gott's massive accommodations block

Gott crew talking to the spectators

Algosoo  in the Mac

Algosoo leaving the Mac and passing the waiting salty Maxima

Maxima entering the Mac upbound with a load of wind turbines

Algocape entering the Poe Lock downbound

Algocape leaving the Poe

Algoway entering the MacArthur

Big Paul R. Tregurtha in the Poe Lock

Algoway in MacArthur Lock

Algoway leaving the Mac ahead of the Paul R. leaving the Poe

Aboard the Soo Locks Tour boat for the annual freighter chasing cruise

Enjoying an evening on the St. Marys River

More cruisers

Chef Herm explaining how he cooked the hotdogs for the picnic

E. M. Ford next to Yankcanuck at Purvis Marine dock

Chief Shingwauk in layup at her Soo, Ontario berth

Nindawayma at Purvis west yard

Getting a close look at BBC Rhine loading steel coils at the Export Dock

Edgar B. Speer leaving the Poe Lock upbound

Up close to the Speer

Michipicoten up at Mission Point in the late evening

Stern view
6/26- Soo Wednesday  -  Dave Wobser
1-Soo-6-24-09-djw.jpg (98705 bytes)
2-Soo-6-24-09-djw.jpg (92947 bytes)
3-Soo-6-24-09-djw.jpg (91202 bytes)
4-Soo-6-24-09-djw.jpg (87555 bytes)
5-Soo-6-24-09-djw.jpg (61636 bytes)
6/26 - Soo Thursday  -  Dave Wobser
11-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (88204 bytes)
Here comes the Cason J. Callaway
12-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (80248 bytes)
Callaway looking good
13-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (92652 bytes)
Forward cabins
14-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (84374 bytes)
Stern view
15-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (176328 bytes)
Boatnerds gathered at Rotary Park on Mission Point
16-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (205869 bytes)
Chef Bill works the burgers on the grill
17-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (127208 bytes)
Herman the hotdog chef explains his work
18-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (135142 bytes)
Enjoying the lunch
19-Soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (193009 bytes)
The scene at Mission Point
20-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (143577 bytes)
Must be something coming
21-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (144935 bytes)
Get out the house flag
22-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (72427 bytes)
The newly painted and powered Charles M. Beeghly
23-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (84536 bytes)
Forward cabins
24-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (101677 bytes)
Stern view
25-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (167077 bytes)
Another house flag appears...
26-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (52963 bytes) welcome the John J. Boland
27-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (71958 bytes)
Boland stern view
28-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (76672 bytes)
Canadian Progress downbound late in the day
29-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (86119 bytes)
Progress stern view
30-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (56805 bytes)
John B. Aird follows close behind the Progress
31-soo-6-25-09-djw.jpg (80243 bytes)
Aird stern view
32-soo-6-25-09.jpg (37171 bytes)
Michipicoten down bound at the West Pier as the sun sets

6/26 - Soo
Roger LeLievre
MeAlgocape062609_02.jpg (34047 bytes)
Admiral Lee Rowe
Andrew.jpg (75653 bytes)
Andrew Constans has all photo angles covered with many cameras.
Baby-Boatenrd.jpg (40752 bytes)
Baby Boatnerd Chloe Weaver

Beeghly.jpg (64741 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly

Begging-A-Salue.jpg (58752 bytes)
Houseflag helps encourage a salute from
Callaway-and-Crowd.jpg (54780 bytes)
John J. Boland Crowd gathers for the Callaway.
Dennis-Hale.jpg (61544 bytes)
Morrell survivor Dennis Hale (right) with Barry  from Sarnia
Doug-Bench.jpg (91855 bytes)
A quiet moment on the Doug Fairchild bench
Boat-Board.jpg (89614 bytes)
Boat board keeps track of traffic
Many-cameras1.jpg (63872 bytes)
Many cameras at Mission Point
Dick-Lund.jpg (119263 bytes)
Dick Lund

From the cruise  - Roger LeLievre

AmIntegrity2.jpg (51630 bytes)
American Integrity
AmIntegrity1.jpg (56400 bytes) Charlie-Lampman.jpg (65205 bytes)
Charlie Lampman wheels the LeVoyageur
Mached-Set.jpg (79556 bytes)
Matched set of Anderson jackets were the height of fashion In the Mac Lock
Nindewayma.jpg (81284 bytes)
Ferry Nindewayma awaits scrapping at the Purvis dock.
On-the-Boat-Cruise.jpg (71330 bytes)
4 of the 76 passengers on the boat cruise
PML-Tucker.jpg (76398 bytes)
PML Tucker at the Purvis dock
Speer.jpg (59465 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer passing

6/28 Soo Gathering  - Brian Wellwood

1-Gott-6-26-9-bw.jpg (134605 bytes)
 Crowd enjoys Edwin H. Gott while Algosoo sneaks in the MacArthur Lock.
2-Maxima-6-26-9-bw.jpg (98840 bytes)
Foreign vessel Maxima brings wind turbine parts through the locks.
3-Algoway-6-26-9-bw.jpg (83893 bytes)
Algoway in the Rock Cut.
4-PRT-6-26-9-bw.jpg (86406 bytes)
Boatnerds follow Paul R. Tregurtha to the Rock Cut.
5-PRT-6-26-9-bw.jpg (41513 bytes)
Tregurtha captain informs that winter's not that far away.

6/28 Soo Gathering  - Lee Rowe

PRTregurthaLR062609_01.jpg (29623 bytes) Algocape062609_03.jpg (31778 bytes) LakeGuardianLR062609_04.jpg (36784 bytes) MaximaLR062509_05.jpg (31762 bytes) Algosoo062609_03.jpg (61610 bytes)
AlgowayLR062609_05.jpg (38614 bytes) AmIntegrityLR062609_09.jpg (26892 bytes) BBCRhineLR062609_11.jpg (27815 bytes) GottLR062509_01.jpg (30073 bytes) SpeerLR062609_20.jpg (46046 bytes)

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