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July 30, 2006


Scenes from the Erie Ship Building yard of the conversion of the Buckeye into a barge, and the re-powering of the Joseph H. Thompson, Jr. These pictures are part of an article in the current issue of Seaway Review/Great Laker magazine. - Dave Wobser

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The history of the Joseph H. Thompson is also available in the Fleet Photo Gallery.

Looking into the stern of Buckeye after removal of most of the power system.

Close up. Note the turbine has not yet been removed.

Buckeye in the graving dock.

Bow view.

Another bow view.

View of Buckeye's hull from the floor of the graving dock.


Bow thruster tunnel

Workmen removing damaged sections of the hull.

Another section that has been removed.

The bottom of Buckeye's hull.

Fuel tanks removed from Buckeye.

Boiler removed from Buckeye.
These are for sale.

Propellers removed from Buckeye (l) and Joe, Jr. (r).

New roof and mast for Joe, Jr's elevated pilothouse

Top level of the Buckeye's former pilothouse.

Buckeye and Joe Jr. in the graving dock.

Barge Joseph H. Thompson waiting for her turn in the graving dock for her 5-year survey.

Deck view on the barge.

The barge's notch

Joseph H. Thompson Jr. getting new engines.

Workmen replacing the stern tube bearings on Joe, Jr.

Close up view

Another view

Joe, Jr. from the bottom up

Joe, Jr. next to Buckeye

Joe, Jr's attachment pins

Joe, Jr's rudder

One of two new MAK 6 M 32 C heavy fuel oil engines for Joe, Jr.

New transmission gearbox for Joe, Jr.

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