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BoatNerd Detroit Down River Cruise
August 13, 2007


8/13 - Friendship wheelsman's view of American Courage - Matt Miner


8/13 - Boatnerd Detroit River Cruise - John Meyland

Detroit fire tug Curtis Randolph in dry dock

Saltie Greenwing down bound

Former bun boat Marine Trader

Remote Controlled Locomotive at US Steel

8/11 - Sixty-five Boatnerds gathered at Portofino's restaurant, in Wyandot, to board the Friendship, for a 4-hour cruise down the Detroit River, on a beautiful Saturday. Boat traffic was light, but there was still plenty to see and photograph.

Starboard side crowd as we leave the dock.

And the Portside group.

"I got caught in the construction on I-75 and a train. Can you come back and pick me up?"

We take off for the second time.

Everybody settled in.

Great day to be on the river.

Former Boblo boat Columbia.

Stern view

Gross Isle Light

Livingston Channel Upper Light

Bar Point Shoal Light aka
Southeast Shoal No. 1.

American Courage up bound at Bar Point

Stern view as he blows past the Friendship.

The remains of the Boblo Island Light peeking out of the trees.

The remains of the Boblo Island Dock from amusement park days. The dock is the former canaller Queenston.

CCGC Griffon at CCG Station Amherstburg.

Private tug Kayvee in Amherstburg

Lambert's Spirit


Rookie wheelsman being tutored by Capt.  Sam Buchanan.

The crib is all that remains of the former Mamajuda Lighthouse. The buoy replaced the light.

Former Fighting Island Front Range Light.

Companion former Rear Range Light.

Detroit fire tug Curtis Randolph in Nicholson's drydock for rudder replacement.

Diamond Jack out with a crowd of sightseers.

Stern view

Home base at Portofino's in sight.

Our gracious and accommodating crew led by Capt. Sam Buchanan.

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