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August 10, 2006

Edward L. Ryerson Returns to Service 
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8/10 - Edward L. Ryerson's arrival in Superior 8/9/06 - Franz VonRiedel

Sunrise over Wisconsin Point

Here she comes

Passing Wisconsin Point Light

8/9 - Edward L. Ryerson's arrival in Superior 8/9/06 - Jody Aho

Approaching Wisconsin Point the Superior Entry on a quiet morning

Lined up for the approach to the entry

Inbound Superior Entry

Her lines are accented by the low morning sun

Closer view

Close-up of forward end

The distinctive stack showing the Mittal logo over the outline of the old Inland logo

The Ryerson appears to sail under a rainbow as it approaches the docks

Detailed look at the after side of the forward superstructure

After end

Stern view with rainbow.

A small but devoted contingent of Boatnerds made it an early morning for her arrival.

8/8 - Ryerson's Second Trip from Escanaba to Indiana Harbor - Matt Yocum

Morning on Lake Michigan

Empty cargo hold waiting to load

Waiting for dock space
at Indiana Harbor

Mesabi Miner arriving
at Indiana Harbor

Mesabi Miner

Indiana  Harbor Light
on a foggy morning

A full bucket
coming out of the hold

Almost empty

8/5 - Unloading at Indiana Harbor - Roger LeLievre

Empty clamshell coming over

Open wide

Getting a bucket full

Headed for shore.

Full bucket.

Tug Jimmy Wray of Calumet River Fleeting.

Push tug Katie Ann

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. makes an unusual visit to Mittal Steel.

Mesabi Miner backs out past the Ryerson.

Tug/Barge Michigan/Great Lakes outbound for Lake Michigan.

Kindra Lake Towing's tug Old Mission

Pineglen after unloading ore at Mittal Steel

Fueling tanker William L. Warner


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