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August 25, 2006

Edward L. Ryerson Returns to Service
First Trip into Lorain 
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8/25 - Ryerson at the Soo Carbide Dock - Marc Svatora





8/25 - Up bound under the Blue Water Bridges - Roger LeLievre

8/25 - Video of Ryerson saluting 43 onlookers at Marine City - Larry Leverenz (Turn Up Your Sound!)


8/25 - Passing the Ren Center in downtown Detroit - Angie Williams

8/25 -
Ryerson at the Shell Dock in Sarnia, Ontario - Brad Davies

8/23 - Scenes in Lorain - Dave Scali


Bow profile


Overall scene.


Piling taconite on the ground.

Loading the trucks

Taconite truck headed for the steel mill

Keeping her looking good.

Touch up.

End loader going in.

A sign the unloading is getting near the end.

8/23 - Unloading continues in Lorain - Kevin Davis

Bow profile

Shore-side cranes
hard at work.

Stern view

Another angle.

End loader going in
for clean up duty.

8/22 - Panorama of the Edward L. Ryerson unloading in Lorain - Robert M. Martel


8/21 - Arriving in Lorain on August 20, 2006 - Staff

Closing in on the Lorain Leaning Light

Between the piers

In the harbor

Eclectic collection of photographers

Head on, swinging to line up with the Black River

Lined up on the river entrance

Classic beauty

Approaching the railroad bridge

Safely through the bridge

Head on to the dock.

A fine job of parallel parking at the Jonick Dock.

Stern view.

First crane ready to take a bite.

Bucket in the hold.

First bite coming out.

First load on the ground.

8/21 - Above the US-6 Bridge, passing the former American Ship Building - Rex Cassidy

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