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Reserve Conversion 2007-08
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1/6 - Reserve tow from Sturgeon Bay - Scott Tomlinson

Berth #15 falls astern as the Reserve Departs BayShip

Leaving BayShip we head out to Green Bay

Jimmy L. breaks a track in the distance as the William C. Selvick tows the Reserve.

Stopped in the ice, one of several times over the course of the trip.

Susan L. pushing in the notch.

When not engaged in ice breaking the Jimmy L. would also push on the stern.

Lots of ice to contend with out in the bay.

The Jimmy L. makes a pass down the Reserve's starboard side. Watchman Steve Haverty can be seen on deck.

We did find some areas of open water.

We met the Steamer John G. Munson out in the bay.

The hard working Jimmy L. continues to break us a track.

The tow continued into the night, but my photos did not.


1/6/08 - Reserve back in Menominee - Dick Lund

Bow view of the Reserve on Saturday morning

Stern view

Close up of the newly completed notch

1/5/08 - Reserve returns to Menominee - Dick Lund

Reserve tow in the bay of Green Bay off Menominee with three tugs in attendance

The tow reaches the inner harbor before passing through the Ogden Street Bridge

12/19 - Reserve tow to Sturgeon Bay as seen from on board the Reserve - Scott Tomlinson

Tug William C Selvick pulling the Reserve stern first out of Menominee.

Tug Jimmy L. pulling on the Reserve's bow. Marinette Marine can be seen in the background.

Reserve passes through the Ogden Street Bridge.

Boatnerds gathered to see us off.

Passing the Menominee Lighthouse. Amelia Desgagnes can be seen out in the lake.

Once in open water and headed for Bay Ship the William C. Selvick pushed on the Reserve's stern.

Jimmy L. towing the Reserve.

Entering the ice pack.

Stuck in the ice off Sherwood Point

The Jimmy L. letting her line off the Reserve's bow so she could break a track for us.

The Jimmy L. breaking out the Tug Susan L. who was coming to take over our bow line.

Reserve was extracted from the ice pack, spun around, and towed stern first to Bay Ship as it would be easier to spin her around in open water than attempting to do so in the ice closer to Bay Ship.

Jimmy L. continues to break ice as we proceed down the channel to BayShip.

Arriving off Bay Ship

12/18 The Reserve is towed from Menominee for further work in Sturgeon Bay - Dick Lund

The Jimmy L hooks up to the bow of the Reserve (William C. Selvick had the stern) for its tow to Sturgeon Bay, WI

The tow passes the Viking I on its backward tow to the Ogden Street Bridge

Deckhand Steve Haverty has a cold trip ahead.

Heading through the Ogden Street Bridge

William C. Selvick leads the tow stern-first out of the inner harbor

Jimmy L assists the tow between the piers

The tow passes Menominee North Pier Lighthouse

The tugs begin to turn the Reserve around out in the bay for the tow to Sturgeon Bay

The trio heads for Sturgeon Bay.

12/14/07 - Weekly Update - Dick Lund

Stern view showing the notch

Stern view close-up

Port side view of the notch and the rack where the tug connects in place (onboard)

Starboard view of the notch and rack (onboard)

Overhead view of the forward framing of the notch from onboard

12/7/07 - Weekly Update - Dick Lund

Paint has been touched up around the starboard anchor pocket

Stern view with the new connector for the tug on the starboard side

A welder works on the new connector

Tarps added later in the week after 8 inches of snow fell.

Snow in the remaining part of the stern.

11/30/07 - Weekly Update - Dick Lund

Notch continues to take shape.

A closer look

Pilothouse still on the bow.

New hull paint on the stern

Adding the white trim paint

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