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Reserve Conversion 2007-08
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4/14 - The tug/barge Victory and James L. Kuber leave Menominee on their maiden voyage - Dick Lund

The James L. Kuber/Victory pull away from the dock

(L to R clockwise) - James L. Kuber/Victory, USS Freedom, Lewis J. Kuber and Viking I. Note the fishing boats in the background.

Close-up of the James L. Kuber/Victory

Stern view after passing through the Ogden Street Bridge

Heading out of the inner harbor

Close-up of the stern of the barge and the Victory

Stern view heading between the piers

Approaching Menominee North Pier Lighthouse

Past the lighthouse

Headed for Port Inland and her first load.

3/30 - Christening of James L. Kuber - Dick Lund

Christening Program

Specs for the new tug and barge

Bow of the James L. Kuber with the old cabins being used as a ceremonial platform


Wide view of the barge with cars of attendees


Mr. Tom Kuber begins the ceremony

Close-up as Tom shares some stories of his brother

(L to R) Laurie Stupak, Congressman Bart Stupak, Father Ron Skufca, James L. Kuber's two daughters and members of the crew that rebuilt the vessel

Father Ron Skufca gives the blessing

Many in attendance

James Kuber's daughters, Marisa Timm and Laura Letter, prepare to christen the vessel

The broken champagne bottle alongside the vessel

The crowd inside the Riverside Country Club

3/11 - The rest of the forward cabins were removed from the Reserve on Monday - Dick Lund

Forward cabins on the ground


Forward deck without cabins

Looking more like a barge

Pilothouse (l), Forward cabins (c), barge (r) with Viking I in the background

Close up of pilothouse

Closer view of the forward cabins



2/28/08 - Pilothouse is removed from the Reserve - Dick Lund

Wide view with crane ready to lift the pilothouse

Close-up of the cables attached to the pilothouse

The pilothouse begins to move

The lift begins

The pilothouse is completely clear of the Reserve

The lift continues

Moving astern

Ready to drop it down to the ground

Close-up of the pilothouse

Being lowered toward the ground

Pilothouse is just about on the ground

The bow of the Reserve with the pilothouse on the ground alongside

Close-up of bow and what is still waiting to be removed

Looking forward with the pilothouse alongside

Full view from the Ogden Street Bridge

2/24-08 - Reserve Conversion update for the past month - Dick Lund

Jan. 24 - New steel has been added to the bulkhead above the notch

Jan. 28 - The deckhouse is being prepared for eventual removal.

Jan. 31 - More new steel has been added to the bulkhead above the notch

The radar and mast have been removed from the top of the deckhouse

Close-up of the stern with the new doors and new steel work

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