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Special News Photo Gallery
John Sherwin Tow
September 9, 2006

Click here for a complete history of the John Sherwin.

9/8 - Sherwin loading at Nidera Grain in Milwaukee - Ed Dabbs


9/9 - Sherwin tow in the St. Marys River as seen from the supply boat Ojibway - Jack Kinney


9/8 - Sherwin loading corn at Nidera Grain in Milwaukee - Paul Erspamer

Loading at the Nidera elevator in Milwaukee's inner harbor.

Dust rising from Sherwin's hatches as corn is loaded.

Sherwin's pilothouse and bow accommodations.

Sherwin's stern, while semi-trailers shuttle cargo.

9/8 - Loading corn in Milwaukee - Greg Stamatelakys


9/5 - Passing DeTour - Cathy Kohring

9/4 -From the West Pier to Mission Point -  Lee Rowe

9/4 - More Sherwin Pix - Roger LeLievre

In the Poe Lock

Missouri providing the brakes

At Nine Mile Point

In the Rock Cut

Leaving the Rock Cut

Missouri returning to the Soo after leaving the tow at DeTour

9/4 - Passing Mission Point - Joe Wilmes


9/4 - Passing the Valley Camp - Marc Svatora

9/4 - Approaching the International Bridge as seen from a West Pier apartment - Joe Wilmes

"G" tug Ohio leading

Missouri 'hard astern' to stop the tow

Waiting for the Poe to refill.

9/2 - John Sherwin just out of the Duluth Canal - John Harrison


9/2 - John Sherwin leaves Duluth under tow of the "G" tug Ohio - Glenn Blaszkiewicz



9/2 - The John Sherwin to leaves Duluth -
Franz VonRiedel

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