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Engineer's Weekend & Gathering - 2006

7/2 - Saturday - More boats and a cruise on the river

American Integrity down bound in the early morning.

American Integrity meets Algocape



American Victory approaches the Boatnerd reviewing stand

American Victory

Boatnerd Trifecta;
Algowood passes American Valor with James R. Barker in the background.


Mississagi - a gray boat on a gray moring.

Look behind you!

Roger Blough meets St. Clair below Mission Point.

American Valor

Official Boatnerd Soo Cruise Boat arriving for the Annual Cruise

Cason J. Callaway passing the Edison Sault power house

Rain brings out a variety of fashions.

Coke was popular with the group.

Nanticoke headed for the MacArthur Lock.

Callaway waiting her turn for the Poe Lock.

Cedarglen being raised in the Mac Lock.

Cason J. up close.

The Chief Shingwauk moved into the Poe Lock ahead of the Cason J. Callaway.

and the Callaway followed us in the lock.

You can count the rivets as Cason pulls up close.


Callaway and Nanticoke follow us up bound.

Boatnerd Cruise Cake

Heading into the Canadian Lock.

Lock crew gets a dinner treat
from the Chief Shingwauk crew.

Maritime Trader is the last boat
before the fireworks.

Canada Day fireworks in Soo Harbor.


7/1 - Thursday Night at the Soo - Boatnerd.Com Staff

'Nerds await the approach of Big Paul

Paul R. Tregurtha rounds Mission Point

Stern view

John G. Munson receives supplies and two crew members from the Ojibway.

Munson meets CSL Assiniboine in Soo Harbor.

7/1 - Friday Activities

The obligatory group shot.

Edgar B. Speer up bound into the Poe lock.

The assembled crowd gets and up close look at the Speer.

Diezeborg in the MacArthur Lock

Edison Sault was open for tours and attracted Boatnerds between boats.

Watching the video explaining the plant operation and history.

Back to the locks as the CSL Tadoussac enters the Poe Lock down bound.

A group of future 'nerds learning about the Corps survey vessel.

An up close look at the Tadoussac.

"Camaers Up!"
Must be a boat coming.

Mississagi up bound and looking good.


O. P. P. showing off their new patrol boat.
Note the trolling motor on the back?

Crew mate returns from Clyde's
with the goodies.

American Century draws a crowd at Mission Point.

American Century sports her name.

Bow name plate.

Stern view showing new stack ensignia.

Party barge with a live band
leads the Tug Parade into the Mac Lock.

Squeezing them all in.

Boatnerd on a Purvis tug

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