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Soo Gathering
June 28-30, 2007

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6/30 - Engineer's Day Festivities - BoatNerd Staff Photos

Boatnerds assembling

The annual formal portrait.

Lining the Poe Lock for a good view

Presque Isle departs the Poe

Here comes the star of the show.

Edward L. Ryerson entering the MacArthur Lock

Algosteel entering the Poe Lock at the same time.

In place, ready to lower

Capt. Eric Treece, wearing his Boatnerd jacket, addresses the Ryerson Fan Club during the lower process.

Showing her colors for the assembled crowd.

Leaving the Mac

More photographers waiting at Mission Point

A full steam salute for the 'Nerds.

Chief Shingwauk ready for the annual Freighter Chasing Cruise

The first unveiling of the new BoatNerd house flag.

Boatnerds on board

Almost a full boat.

Ready to go.

Meeting the down bound Arthur M. Anderson

Stern view

Lee Murdock entertaining on the lower level.

The traditional cake.

The Anderson follows the Chief Shingwauk into the Poe Lock.

A wave from the troops at Mission Point

6/30 - More views of Engineer's Day Festivities - Ryerson Salute Video

View from the Tower of History

Passing below

Back at the locks

Captain Treece talking to the crowd.

Ryerson blew a salute that drew applause from the crowd.
Click here for a video
clip of the Ryerson's Salutes

Lock Tours Canada vessel Chief Shingwauk for the 8th annual Boatnerd Freighter-Chasing Cruise.

Quick trip over the border

New flag.

Captain John Chomniak

Pauline Chomniak ready to cut the traditional cake.

6/29 - Scenes from Thursday at Mission Point - Lee Rowe

Early morning traffic - Maritime Trader

 Boatnerds were entertained in the early morning at Mission Point by the herding of the geese project done by the DNR. The geese are herded, some banded and freed, others caged and brought to the Seney Wildlife Refuge.

American Century

Cason J. Callaway

Boatnerd Becky Wirt giving the boats a big wave.

Herbert C. Jackson down bound

Frontenac down bound

6/29 - Thursday, the Unofficial BoatNerd Picnic - Dave Wobser

Maritime Trader down bound early in the morning

Cason J. Callaway meets the Ojibway outside the locks

Picnic getting organized at Mission Point

Pre-lunch socializing

The Grill Crew gets their instructions

Take some of each!

The brats are ready

Must be a boat coming.

Everybody in place?

Who can get the closest?

Herbert C. Jackson gives a nice salute

Stern view

Frontenac posing for pictures

Waving the hand to get a salute.

Stern view

6/28 - Wednesday evening at the Soo - Dave Wobser

Gregory J. Busch and barge, at the Carbide Dock, waiting out the strong afternoon winds.

S. Pacific down bound
 at Mission Point

Stern view

Atlantic Erie up bound
 in Soo Harbor

Drummond Islander II operating
as a push tug for MCM Marine

Headed home with a dump scow.

Ojibway coming out to meet
the Charles M. Beeghly

Putting the groceries aboard.

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