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Soo Gathering
June 28-30, 2007

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7/4 - Edward L. Ryerson & Edwin H. Gott from different angles - Dick Lund

Edwin H. Gott from the Tower of History

Another view

Edward L. Ryerson leaving the MacArthur Lock from the Tower of History

Meeting the Gott


Headed for Mission Point

Down at Four Mile Park

Another view

Approaching the Neebish Island ferry dock

Heading into the Rock Cut
7/2 - Engineer's Day - J. W. Binet

Edward L. Ryerson just after
leaving the Locks down bound.

Ryerson down below the Locks.

Edwin H. Gott approaching
 the Locks up bound.


Ryerson meets the Gott.


Boat Nerd Cruise aboard
the Chief Shingwauk.

Stern view

6/30 - Chief Shingwauk's Capt. John Chomniak displays the BoatNerd house flag - Roger LeLeivre


6/30 - Saturday morning at the Soo - Lee Rowe

American Courage

Tug Anglian Lady and well-loaded barge

Canadian Coast Guard Samuel Risley at Mission Point

Indiana Harbor at Mission Point

Steamer Reserve arriving upbound

Boatnerd Scott aboard the Reserve

6/30 - More Engineer's Day - Lee Rowe

Algosteel at Mission Point

Edwin H. Gott

Algontario approaching Mission Point

Saltie Beluga Expectations downbound at Mission Point

Algowood down bound

Presque Isle and Algowood passing

 Presque Isle

Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

Boatnerds waiting for the Ryerson

More Boatnerds

Edward L. Ryerson passing Mission Point

Arthur M Anderson viewed from the chief Shingwauk

6/30 - Boatnerd Cruise as seen from water level - Wade Streeter

6/30 Engineer's Day from the West Pier - Joe Wilmes


Forward cabins

Blowing off some steam

Friday Evening Tug Parade

More coming

USCGC Katmai Bay

Joyce B. Gardner and Wilfred M. Cohen

6/30 More Engineer's Weekend traffic - Gordy Garris

Edward L. Ryerson in the MacArthur Lock

Ryerson passing the Edwin H. Gott

 Ryerson gives a salute in the Rock Cut

Algonorth at the West Pier

Stern view

Algosteel in the Poe Lock

Stewart J. Cort at the West Pier

Presque Isle entering the Poe Lock

Canadian Provider in the Rock Cut

American Valor at Mission Point

Reserve headed under the
 International Bridge

Stern view

CCGC Samuel Risley passing the Cort

Arthur M. Anderson at Mission Point

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