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Welland Canal Gathering - 2007
Photo Gallery
October 2, 2007
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10/2 - My first Boatnerd Gathering - Dottie Caldwell

English River Lock 7

English River - Another View

Gordon C. Leitch - Below Lock 3 using bow thrusters

Gordon C. Leitch - entering Lock 7

Quebecois down bound Lock 7


Halifax and Quebecois - view from above Lock 3

Maritime Trader, Lock 7

Maritime Trader "Wide Load"


USCGC Hollyhock - Lock 7

Maritime Trader - Port Colborne, Early Evening

Worker emerging from Block having just finished some torch work

L. E. Block - Sorry Sight at IMS

Edward L. Ryerson in Lock 7, around 4 a.m., from Inn at Lock 7

9/18 - Welland Gathering Weekend - Richard Jenkins

Algocape approaching Lock 1 downbound

Algocape entering Lock 1

Algoisle approaching the Glendale Ave. bridge

Hollyhock upbound in Lock 5 on her way home to Port Huron

Three ships in the Flight Locks with Canadian Provider and Algontario downbound and Algoisle upbound

Canadian Provider downbound below Lock 4

Canadian Provider below Lock 2

Approaching Lock 1 downbound


Entering Lock 1

Algontario approaching
Lock 1 down bound

Algontario entering Lock 1

BBC Elbe departing Lock 6 up bound at sunset

BBC Elbe above Lock 6

CSL Laurentien passes the Capt. Henry Jackman below Lock 8

Captain Henry Jackman passing a crowd of boatnerds during the IMS tour

Captain Henry Jackman passing the Windoc and D.C. Everest on her way out of Port Colborne

Captain Henry Jackman departing Port Colborne

What's left of the after hold
of the L. E. Block at IMS

Scrap steel from the Block at IMS

Classic tug Techno St. Laurent at IMS

Halifax being lowered in Lock 7

Halifax departing Lock 7 downbound under a fading sunset with a faint rainbow off her bow

Halifax passing the upbound BBC Elbe above Lock 6

Halifax returning upbound on Sunday, entering Lock 4

Quebecois approaching
Lock 7 down bound

Cutting on the Windoc as a section of hull plate is removed for a customer

Matt Miner's Windoc window

D.C. Everest, Windoc, and Techno St. Laurent await their fate at IMS.

Canadian Ranger departing Lock 1 up bound

Canadian Ranger above Lock 1

9/17 - Welland Weekend Traffic - John McCreery

Canadian Provider and Liquid Blue

Pilot House L E Block

BBC Elbe entering Lock Seven

CSL Laurentien at Sundown

Algocape passing Toronto

Halifax arriving at Port Colborne

Sad Reminders

Lots to See

Good Bye "L"

A Last Look

9/17 - Sunday Traffic - Boatnerd News Photo Staff

McCleary's Spirit

William J. Moore providing the power

Quebecois in Lock Four

Halifax leaving Lock Three

Quebecois leaving Lock Four

Halifax meets Quebecois below the Glendale Bridge

Safely passing

Halifax under the Glendale Bridge

Canadian Ranger rising in Lock One

Exercising her boom, above Lock One, while waiting for Quebecois to clear Lack Two

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