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Special News Photo Gallery
Welland Gathering
September 19-21, 2008
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9/29 - Welland canal Gathering scenes - Wayne Brown

IMS thru a fisheye lens


Frontenac unloading in Port Colborne

Calumet at IMS. Fisheye lens.

McKee Sons upbound at Port Colborne.

Algoma Spirit downbound above Lock 3.

Algosoo upbound below Lock 3.

IMS scrap yard tour on Saturday morning - Al Howard

Boatnerds on tour

Remains of Calumet

Another stern view

Calumet's cabins

Canadian Progress unloading salt at Wharf 1

K. R. Elliott (Ex-D. C. Everest) now a fireworks platform for Toronto

Another view

Tug Techno St. Laurent

Abandoned Lithuanian trawlers from Newfoundland

More from the weekend - BoatNerd News staff

J. W. Shelley down bound under the Glendale Bridge

Stern cabins

Megayacht Unity down bound

Unity's canal pilot waves to the photographers

Stern view

Maritime Trader in bound Port Weller

Scott Purvis and PML 2501

Purvis meets Trader

Algocape leaving Lock 7

Turning up the revolutions

Kwintenbank up bound

Algocape upbound

Friday night shoppers and swappers

More socializing

Lifeboats at the entrance to the IMS scrap yard

Need a deck winch?

Frontenac unloading at Port Colborne

Former Lithuanian trawlers

Bow view

Canadian Progress unloading salt

K. R. Elliott

Stern cabins

Elliott stern view

Making little ones out of big ones

More cutting

Stern view of Calumet

Detail of ballast plumbing

forward cabins remaining

Bow view

Calumet's lifeboat

Spark shower

Saturday night door prize table

More shopping

Checking models against the prints

The Saturday night gang

The newly named Algoma Spirit above Lock 7

Another view of Algoma Spirit

Spirit stern view

Char Stockman presents a basket of goodies to Vern Sweeting winner of the Lock Three Museum drawing

Three high in the Flight Locks
Top-Isolda, Middle-Algosoo, bottom-Algoma Spirit

Algosoo under the QEW Bridge

Algosoo forward cabins

Algosoo meets Persenk

Another view of Algoma Spirit

Stern view

Canadian Navigator upbound

Stern view

Drill rig tow downbound

Tug Welland on the lead

Drill vessel Miss Libby

tug Vac on the stern

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