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April 27, 2005

Compiled by George Wharton



Detroit Princess Bar (After and Before):  

The bars were torn up and in rough shape after slot machines were removed from the vessel.   The rear of the bar is still the original from the boat, but we re-made the front to match the style and feel of the back.  The etched mirrors still show “Players Riverboat Casino II” Insignia

Detroit Princess Exterior (Before and After):

The exterior washed off well, but we found all the paint was chalking.  Therefore, every inch of the boat has been washed with a special biodegradable International Paints formula cleanser which allowed the new coat of paint to adhere better.   We then repainted all using International Paint.   In addition, there was an odd pastel color scheme to the boat, so we altered that.  Neon palm trees were removed from the sides of the boat, and a Detroit Princess sign will be going up (as soon as this strange snow/cold weather passes).  In addition, this “after” photo was still a few months ago, in the Toledo Shipyard before we moved to our current location.  We have repaired the neon, and added to the exterior.


Detroit Princess Second Deck Dining Room: Forward Starboard:

These pictures show the interior on the way up from Texas, after the horrible, dark red and green striped wallpaper was removed, and all the film put on windows removed. (all put there to darken the interior, keeping those casino-goers gambling, and not thinking about the outdoors!)  The after shows after the room was painted, window trim added to match original woodwork, a chair rail (not visible) and wainscoting treatment.

Whole Dining Room:

First and Second deck have quite similar dining rooms.   When we first purchased the boat, the rooms were terribly dark and dirty.   We’ve cleaned… and cleaned… and cleaned, and added our own touches to make the rooms as classy as we pictured them.  


Detroit Princess 3rd Deck Photos:

This is just a side shot of the boat, hopefully one in which the alterations are evident.  Actually, the after is much improved since then, as the paint is much fresher now, and there are details added. 




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