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11/7/2005 - Foundation in DeTour ready to receive cabins. The Harriman cabins will face the St. Mary's River and Pipe Island. Down bound traffic passes between island and foundation. Up bound traffic passes on the far side of the island.

Foundation viewed from the hillside behind.

Pipe Island just to the right.

Foundation viewed from the beach.

Nearby neighbor Arthur K. Atkinson

11/17 - The barge and cabins were towed through the MacArthur Lock around Noon and arrived at the Purvis Marine dock in Soo, Ontario around 1:30 Thursday.
Images from the USACE Soo Cameras.

Approaching the Mac Lock

Entering the lock.

In the lock

Lowered in the lock.

Leaving the Mac Lock

Headed to the Purvis Marine dock in Soo, Ontario.

11/27 - The trip down the St. Marys River and arrival at DeTour -
Marc Vander Meulen

Lead tug W. I. Scott Purvis, barge Malden carrying the Harriman structure and tug Martin E. Johnson approach the Carbide Dock to clear U.S. customs.

The tow departs the Carbide Dock and heads downriver.

Passing Mission Point.

Approaching the Rock Cut.


At the Neebish Island ferry crossing.

 Entering the Rock Cut.

In the Rock Cut.

 Tug W. I. Scott Purvis switches from tow to push at DeTour.

Tug Martin E. Johnson checks the water depth at the beach

Positioning the barge at the shore





Tugs have left for the Soo.

View from the water.


Harriman with Arthur K. Atkinson in background.

View from the street.
3/6/06 Waiting for spring to make the final move onto the foundation - Mike Nichols

Lewis G. Harriman

Head on view

Stern view

View from the road.



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