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Fall 2010
New paint job on the port side in the original Boardman deep green, and the Huron Portland Cement logo restored. The logo was discovered under many layers of paint.
9/10 - New steering pole installed
As of Friday, September 4, the Lewis G. Harriman has a steering pole. Marc Dease saved the wooden pole from the J. Burton Ayers when she became the Cuyahoga, and after some restoration work, including a new spear tip made by Ed Kroodsma, all we needed were enough hands to swing the pole from its resting position, pointed back at the pilothouse, to its proper orientation. With John Mills pulling from the beach, Marc lifting from a stepladder on deck, Andrew Mills running the hand winch and Jill managing cables, the pole was set out. Photos by Judy Mills.

Steering pole ready to set out

Deckhands John, Andrew, Jill and Marc at work

Steering pole in place

June, 2009 - Progress report -
Dave Wobser

View from the road with the hull in final position.

Bow view showing primer paint progress.

Another bow view. Concrete forms in place for final foundation

New painting on upper railing

Painted bow railing

Fresh pain on pilothouse and railing. Note former Ann Arbor car ferry Arthur K. Atkinson in the background.

Newly painted pilothouse sun shade.

Pilothouse interior awaiting renovation

Chart table storage cabinet

Woodwork in passenger lounge

More woodwork in captain's office.

Gyroscope main unit still in place.

Sailor's quarters not quite ready for guests.

Deck crew quarters

View from the pilothouse of Catharine Desgagne downbound passing Pipe Island.



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