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The retired cement carrier Lewis G. Harriman was scheduled to be scrapped on 2003. Her forward cabins were purchased by Marc and Jill Vander Meulen to be relocated to their summer cottage near DeTour Village. This pictorial history shows the progress of her scrapping and the move of her forward cabin section to DeTour. A complete history of the Lewis G. Harriman can be found here.

10/23/03 - The Harriman is towed from Green Bay to Sault Ste. Marie for scrapping -
Dave Wobser

Up bound at Mission Point

Bow detail

Stern detail

Headed into the harbor.

11/22/03 - On board shots -
Scott Best

Ready for stripping

Rear deck

Looking aft.

Pilothouse interior

Another view.

Deck view.

Scraping at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in 2004-2005

Before cutting started in 2004.

Stern end gone in 2005

Another view.

10/13/05 - Scraping Continued -
Mike Nichols

The bow is the biggest piece remaining.

Notice the cut line around the bow in preparation to removing the forward cabins.

Not much left of the middle and aft sections.

11/4/05 - Preparing for the move onto the barge

View from the stern

Temporary gangway.

Engineers work area in the unloading equipment room.

Crew quarters

Laundry room

First mate's cabin

Second mate's cabin

Anchor windlass room after the windlass was removed.

Crew quarters

Officers hallway

Guest lounge. Lots of paneling to refinish.

Stairway to the pilothouse

New owners anticipating the view once we get to DeTour.

Inside the pilothouse

Chart table at the rear of the pilothouse.

Calendar above the chart table indicates the last month she sailed - April, 1980

Captains quarters

Forward deck

Marty Clement discusses the project with Marc and Jill.

These little roller sets will carry the whole thing on to the barge.

View from the deck barge

Cribbing and rails on the barge ready to receive the cabins.

One name board left in place

Paint worn off the lifeboat shows Harriman's heritage.

Engine room gauge panel is destined for a Sault, Ontario museum...

along with her original triple expansion steam engine.


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