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James Norris Photo Gallery
Interior Views by Neil Walsh


On board the James Norris, March 21st, 2004 in Hamilton, ON.
From Neil Walsh: "I would like to thank the Ship keeper for his time and enthusiasm!"

Wheelhouse chadburn.

Modern day wheel.

Looking into the chart room.

Crew mess room.

Burlington Skyway through the porthole.



Aft-end off unloading belt.

Cargo hopper hydraulic ram.

Tool room.

Hold #1, a fraction of the size after self-unloading gear was installed.

Portside tunnel.


Overboard valves.

Looking inside crankshaft with crank exposed.

Machinery monitors.

Looking down at crankcase.

Digital equipment installed in 1995/96.

Hydraulics for turning rudder.

Engine room.


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Compiled by George Wharton

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