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Robert S. Pierson Christening Gallery
March 22, 2008


By Fred Miller, Bill Bird and BoatNerd Staff

mvp2008_0322_112904AA.jpg (66572 bytes)
At the Cargill Dock
Picture-029.jpg (69913 bytes) Picture-034.jpg (58508 bytes)
New name
Picture-059.jpg (106247 bytes)
Christening program
mvp2008_0322_112958AA.jpg (63907 bytes)
mvp2008_0322_113614AA.jpg (91441 bytes)
Champagne bottle
mvp2008_0322_113850AA.jpg (78790 bytes) mvp2008_0322_130444AA.jpg (57000 bytes)
Bottle ready to go
DSCF0132.jpg (98909 bytes)
Stacks have been painted
DSCF0111.jpg (87651 bytes)
Large crowd on hand despite cold temperatures
Picture-071.jpg (86858 bytes) Picture-072.jpg (62371 bytes)
Company officials and guests walk to the stage
mvp2008_0322_132834AA.jpg (93221 bytes) DSCF0085.jpg (45902 bytes)
Arch Decon Gordon Simmons
DSCF0077.jpg (45482 bytes)
Frank Bravener welcomes the crowd
DSCF0080.jpg (35294 bytes)
Robert Pierson's daughters Sarah, Alex and Martha.
DSCF0088.jpg (41328 bytes)
Lower Lakes President Scott Bravener
DSCF0094.jpg (53849 bytes)
Mark Rohn, president of Grand River Navigation Co.
DSCF0093.jpg (78723 bytes)
Laurence S. Levy President and CEO of Rand Logistics, the parent company of Lower Lakes
DSCF0090.jpg (47614 bytes)
Sandra Mathies, Sarah's husband Matthew, Sarah holding Bob's  grandson Pierson
DSCF0083.jpg (40429 bytes) DSCF0100.jpg (53617 bytes) DSC_6444.jpg (182962 bytes) DSC_6447.jpg (100565 bytes) Piersonchristening.jpg (75574 bytes)
DSC_6448.jpg (145587 bytes)
DSCF0103.jpg (66403 bytes)
The crowd cheers and the ship sounds a master's salute.
mvp2008_0322_134712AA.jpg (170895 bytes)
Champagne christens the hull
DSCF0108.jpg (75298 bytes)
(L to R) Vice President of Lower Lakes Jim Siddall, Sarah Mathies and her son, the Pierson Daughters.
DSCF0105.jpg (41573 bytes)
DSCF0123.jpg (34514 bytes)
DSCF0121.jpg (48657 bytes)
Lower Lakes Flag
DSCF0118.jpg (47184 bytes)
Christening art work by Paul C. LaMarre Jr.
PiersonProgram.jpg (62557 bytes)

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