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February 1, 20

Alpena and Townsend laid-up in Muskegon at the Mart Dock - Steve Jowett
1-Alpena-1-28-10-sj.jpg (66505 bytes) 2-Ptownsend-1-28-10-sj.jpg (172863 bytes) 3-Ptownsend-1-28-10-sj.jpg (69796 bytes) 4-Alpena-1-28-10-sj.jpg (132828 bytes) 5-Alpena-1-28-10-sj.jpg (64047 bytes)

Port of Montreal Lay-up - Kent Malo
CanOlympic1-27-10-km.jpg (106526 bytes)
Canadian Olympic laid up at sec M-2
AtlanticErie1-27-10-km.jpg (88618 bytes)
Atlantic Erie at sec 24
Algoisle1-27-10-km.jpg (60647 bytes)
Algoisle laid up at sec 57 S, rafted to her is the Canadian Prospector
AgawaCanyon1-27-10-km.jpg (64821 bytes)
Agawa Canyon lay up at sec 57 N
Victorious1-27-10-km.jpg (88315 bytes)
Tug Victorious rafted to the Gordon C Leitch.
Gordon-C-Leitch1-27-10-km.jpg (85072 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch laid up at shed 3

End of Season Duluth Superior - Bob Hom (67545 bytes)
Roger Blough at CN Duluth (73876 bytes) (68073 bytes) (47983 bytes)
Edward H going to lay up

Innovation and Samuel De Champlain at the Lafarge Dock in Cleveland,  Jan. 28. - Mike Nicholls
INNOVATIONb04012810mn.jpg (147790 bytes)        

Maclin at Port Maitland, January 30 - Shaun Vary
Maclin-PortMaitland1-30-09.jpg (89253 bytes)        

Buffalo Ice Jan. 29 -  Brian W.
1-Ice-1-29-10-BW.jpg (121374 bytes)
Stevenson St. Bridge with a large amount of ice still hanging from the under frame showing the level of the ice at it's highest point during the recent jam up.
2-Ice-1-29-10-BW.jpg (162214 bytes)
Here you can see ice crusted along the side of the creek where it was deposited along the rip rap above the bridge, and then carved by the pressure of the ice in the main channel being squeezed under the bridge just like a glacier.
3-Ice-1-29-10-BW.jpg (159436 bytes)
This shot looks up stream to show the thick ice clogging the channel with the remains of the jam sitting high on both banks revealing the crest level when the water peaked in height during the flood.

Historic Perspectives - Jim Hoffman - Black and white views from Toledo during the early 1980's.
jrh-lakewood-ub-cherry-st-bridge.jpg (87808 bytes)
Lakewood upbound Maumee River bound for the Kuhlman Dock to unload sand. Taken from the Cherry Street Bridge April 1981.
jrh-henry-ford-II-ice-view-one.jpg (74418 bytes)
Henry Ford II the first coal boat of the 1980 season to arrive at the C&O Coal Docks in early March. She is breaking ice in Maumee Bay in order to dock at the C&O Dock.
jrh-henry-ford-II-ice-view-sun-one.jpg (84135 bytes)
Henry Ford II ice breaking completed she is now approaching C&O#2 Dock.

Historical Perspectives - Ron Beaupre
1-cedarville-rb.jpg (158576 bytes)
Cedarville loading her first cargo after the conversion from a bulk carrier to a self unloader.
2-cedarville-rb.jpg (80539 bytes)
Cedarville under way with her old steam plant and tall stack.
3-cedarville-rb.jpg (127037 bytes)
Cedarville with Michipicoten at the Algoma Steel plant at the Canadian Sault. Note the irony of this last photo. Both ships ended up on the bottom. Michipicoten also foundered while under tow to the scrapyard.


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