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February 3, 20

Toledo, Ohio - Bob Vincent
2-Algoeast-BristolBay-2-2-10-bv.jpg (70872 bytes)
Algoeast heading in with the Bristol Bay heading out.
1-Algoeast-BristolBay-2-2-10-bv.jpg (45080 bytes)
another view
3-Algoeast-2-2-10-bv.jpg (77561 bytes) 4-Algoeast-2-2-10-bv.jpg (67351 bytes)
Algoeast heading up the Maumee river
5-Algoeast-2-2-10-bv.jpg (72856 bytes)
Heading into the dry dock
6-Nebraska-2-2-10-bv.jpg (101311 bytes)
7-Algoeast-2-2-10-bv.jpg (72383 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Nebraska working the port side
8-Algoeast-2-2-10-bv.jpg (73864 bytes)
Algoeast aft deck housing
9-Algoeast-2-2-10-bv.jpg (131001 bytes)
Algoeast getting a little help from the two Great Lakes tugs.
10-Algoeast-2-2-10-bv.jpg (118623 bytes)
11-JJBoland-2-2-10-bv.jpg (92349 bytes)
John J. Boland in winter lay up
12-JJBoland-2-2-10-bv.jpg (92860 bytes)
Another view looking forward
13-ARepublic-2-2-10-bv.jpg (81345 bytes)
American Republic ahead of the Boland in winter lay up

Winter lay-up - Jake Northup
1-Sspenc-1-18-10-jn.jpg.jpg (76206 bytes)
Sarah Spencer laid-up in the Rouge River.
2-Sspenc-1-18-10.jpg (90261 bytes)
Another view
3-Algosea-1-30-10-jn.jpg.jpg (102068 bytes)
Algosea laid-up at the Seaway Marine Terminal in Port Huron.
4-Algosea-1-30-10-jn.jpg.jpg (55965 bytes) 5-Layup-1-30-10-jn.jpg.jpg (57513 bytes)
Mississagi and Manitowoc laid-up in Sarnia.
6-Algolake-1-30-10-jn.jpg.jpg (84362 bytes)
Algolake laid-up at the Government dock in Sarnia.
7-Algorail-1-30-10-jn.jpg.jpg (92572 bytes)
Algorail laid-up at the Sidney Smith dock in Sarnia.
9-Frontenac-1-30-10-jn.jpg.jpg (44422 bytes)
Frontenac laid-up in the North Slip in Sarnia.
10-layup-1-30-10-jn.jpg.jpg (51215 bytes)
Cuyahoga and Saginaw laid-up in the North Slip in Sarnia.

Historical Perspectives - Greg Barber
ACanyon-6-30-07-JB.jpg (59323 bytes)
Agawa Canyon outbound Muskegon after unloading salt. 6-30-07
Algoisle-7-8-07-JB.jpg (48049 bytes)
Algoisle downbound Mission Point. 7-8-07
Algoisle-7-14-09-JB.jpg (58738 bytes)
 Algoisle Downbound below locks 7-14-09
CMiner-7-6-07-Gb.jpg (40389 bytes)
Canadian Miner downbound below mission 7-6-07
Algonorth-7-18-04-GB.jpg (56416 bytes)
Algonorth downbound above the Locks 7-18-04
CLeader-7-12-06-GB.jpg (49968 bytes)
Canadian Leader upbound lower St. Marys River 7-12-06
Algontario-11-5-08-GB.jpg (68541 bytes)
Algontario upbound Soo Locks 11-5-08

Tug Lachine in the St. Clair River, photo by Jim Kidd. Former minesweeper - Ron Beaupre
1-lachine-rb.jpg (80986 bytes)        

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