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February 7, 20

Port Colborne lay-up Saturday - John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(34).jpg (64058 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(37).jpg (59314 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(41).jpg (75483 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(42).jpg (87992 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(43).jpg (78531 bytes)
Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(44).jpg (77380 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(47).jpg (65747 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(52).jpg (85084 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(62).jpg (88016 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(64).jpg (88847 bytes)
Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(65).jpg (81728 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(72).jpg (94733 bytes) Welland-Canal-Port-Colborne-Feb.6-2010-(74).jpg (161667 bytes)    

Welland Canal Saturday - Brad Davies
feb6th2010ptweller3.jpg (117767 bytes)
Empty canal at Port Weller with the Peter R. Cresswell and CSL Assiniboine safely in dry dock behind the closed doors.
feb62010ptweller.jpg (83300 bytes) feb62010ptweller2.jpg (94352 bytes) canalsouthboundtowardlock2.jpg (87475 bytes)
Drained canal looking southbound with Lock 2 in the distance.

Canadian Transport in South Chicago Feb. 4 - Gary Clark
CTransport-02-04-10-GRC.jpg (94022 bytes)
Canadian Transport delivering rock salt to the Morton Salt dock in South Chicago.
CanTransport-02-04-10-GRC.jpg.jpg (119460 bytes) IMG_0906.jpg (79352 bytes)    

Duluth, Minn. - Randy Martens
Munson-2-3-10RM.jpg (97160 bytes)
John G. Munson stern view winter layup Port Authority dock Duluth, American Steamship boats background.
McCarthy-2-3-10RM.jpg (92944 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy view of deck winter layup, grain dock Superior

Duluth Saturday - Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-JBarker-02-06-10-GHB.jpg (57725 bytes)
James R. Barker in lay-up at Midwest Energy in Superior.
1-ACentury-02-06-10-GHB.jpg (115430 bytes)
American Century in Duluth
1-AIntegrity-02-06-10-GHB.jpg (95139 bytes)
American Integrity also in Duluth.
2-AIntegrity-02-06-10-GHB.jpg (41586 bytes)
Close up of the ice still on the bow.

Lake Erie ice cover on Feb. 4
erie2-4-10.jpg (88371 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-diez-07-06-06-pb.jpg (81935 bytes)
Diezeborg downbound toward Lock 1.  Jul 6/06 
2-unic-07-06-06-pb.jpg (195465 bytes)
Unicorn upbound above Lock 1.  Jul 6/06
3-neah-07-06-06-pb.jpg (142399 bytes)
USCGC Neah Bay upbound above Lock 7.  Jul 6/06
4-yarm-07-06-06-pb.jpg (72314 bytes)
Yarmouth in ballast below Lock 2.  Jul 6/06
5-isle-07-07-06-pb.jpg (66000 bytes)
Algoisle and the moon.  Jul 7/06
6-algose-07-07-06-pb.jpg (72498 bytes)
Algosea passing CCGS Samuel Risley below Lock 3.  Jul 7/06
7-fair-07-07-06-pb.jpg (77270 bytes)
Fairplay XIV arriving below Lock 1 to tow the Frisian Spring to Europe.  Jul 7/06
8-fedyosh-07-07-06-pb.jpg (91527 bytes)
Federal Yoshino leaving Lock 6 west.  Jul 7/06
9-homer-07-07-06-pb.jpg (278726 bytes)
Homer Bridge waiting for a ship.  Jul 7/06
10-martrad-07-07-06-pb.jpg (92522 bytes)
Maritime Trader stopping in Lock 7.  Jul 7/06
11-lkmich-07-07-06-pb.jpg (96306 bytes)
Lake Michigan downbound below the Homer bridge.  Jul 7/06
12-block-07-11-06-pb.jpg (80892 bytes)
L. E. Block, Shannon & Charlie E off Port Colborne.  Jul 11/06
13-block-07-11-06-pb.jpg (175793 bytes)
L. E. Block on her way to the scrapyard in Port Colborne.  Jul 11/06
14-block-07-11-06-pb.jpg (86847 bytes)
Shannon & L. E. Block off Port Colborne.  Jul 11/06
15-vac-07-11-06-pb.jpg (79893 bytes)
Vac arrives to assist the Shannon.  Jul 11/06
16-slmon-07-07-06-pb.jpg (83285 bytes)
Salvage Monarch in Lock 1 upbound to assist with tow of Frisian Spring.  Jul 7/06
17-frisspr-07-11-06-pb.jpg (102282 bytes)
Frisian Spring & tugs in Lock 1 after leaving the shipyard.  Jul 11/06
18-halif-07-15-06-pb.jpg (75954 bytes)
Halifax & Algolake pass above Lock 7.  Jul 15/06
19-chant-07-15-06-pb.jpg (55083 bytes)
Sichem Princess Marie Chantal leaving Lock 7.  Jul 15/06
20-henry-07-16-06-pb.jpg (76465 bytes)
Sir Henry downbound toward Lock 1.  Jul 16/06

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