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February 9, 20

St. Clair River - Larry Mobbs
SamuelRisley-2-8-10-lm.jpg (58368 bytes)
 Samuel Risley leads the Algosea through the heavy ice of the lower St. Clair River on Monday.
Algoeast-2-8-10-lm.jpg (108261 bytes)
Algosea is returning to Sarnia after a visit to Nanticoke, ON.
CTransport-2-7-10-lm.jpg (81696 bytes)
The Canadian Transport comes to a stop in the heavy ice below the Salt Dock Light Sunday. 
SRisley-2-7-10-lm.jpg (73789 bytes)
Samuel Risley turns to make another pass by the Canadian Transport.
CTransport_Risley-2-7-10-lm.jpg (80364 bytes)
The Risley pulls past the stuck Canadian Transport trying to clear a path.
BBay-2-7-10-lm.jpg (58078 bytes)
The ice breaking tug, Bristol Bay, turns to make another pass by the stuck Canadian Transport.

St. Clair River Sunday - Matt Lemon
P1020362.jpg (56534 bytes)
Bristol Bay and Samuel Risley escort the Canadian Transport
P1020360.jpg (58293 bytes) P1020361.jpg (75598 bytes)    

Hamilton scenes - Sandra Lucas
1-CSLTadoussac-2-7-10-RA1.jpg (97468 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac in lay-up, Feb. 7.
3-HamiltonWork-2-7-10-RA.jpg (149654 bytes)
US Steel Canada's Hamilton Works viewed from the top of the Niagara Escarpment, Feb.7.
2-HamiltonWorks-2-7-10-RA.jpg (253924 bytes)    

Federal Weser in Port Everglades, Florida -  Capt. William A. Hoey
FEDERALWESERs01013010wah.jpg (95015 bytes)
Unloading cement

Algosar stuck in the Rock Cut in the West Neebish Channel due to ice - Phil Brechbill
1-algosar-1-15-10-pb.jpg (63004 bytes)
Algosar tries to escape Rock Cut ice
2-katmaibay&biscaynebay-1-15-10-pb.jpg (58541 bytes)
 Bay class icebreakers passing
3-mackinaw-1-16-10-pb.jpg (66900 bytes)
Mackinaw actually backing into the Rock Cut to reach the stranded Algosar
4-algosar-1-16-10-pb.jpg (52262 bytes)
Algosar finally free
5-rblough-1-16-10-pb.jpg (45678 bytes)
 Roger Blough exiting the Rock Cut with no complications
6-rblough-1-16-10-pb.jpg (135598 bytes)
Roger Blough headed to port one day late
7-rblough-1-16-10-pb.jpg (140194 bytes)
Roger Blough heads towards Sawmill Point (note the ice fishermen about 100 feet from the channel and the water and broken ice at the shoreline following 10 to 12 hours of icebreaker traffic)

Photos from Canada's Western Arctic, 2006 - Paul Beesley
1-whhort-07-23-06-pb.jpg (122716 bytes)
Tug W.H. Horton pushing barges toward Inuvik.  Tug is 1000 HP.  Jul 06.
2-whhort-07-23-06-pb.jpg (75082 bytes)
Tug W.H. Horton pushing barges toward Inuvik. 
3-nahid-07-25-06-pb.jpg (101635 bytes)
CCGS Nahidik loading in Inuvik.  Jul 06.
4-nahid-07-25-06-pb.jpg (88984 bytes)
Another view of the Nahidik loading.
5-nahid-07-25-06-pb.jpg (160971 bytes)
Notice the Raven on top of the Foremast.
6-deleag-07-25-06-pb.jpg (121898 bytes)
Delta Eagle working cargo in Inuvik.  Delta Eagle is a shallow water tug, 68 GRT, 50 ft long, 730 BHP.
7-inuvik-07-25-06-pb.jpg (80711 bytes)
View of the fuel depot with Inuvkik in the background.
8-wurm-07-25-06-pb.jpg (109794 bytes)
John Wurmlinger, accommodation barge, in Inuvik.  She is 4197 GRT, 210 ft long.
9-wurm-07-25-06-pb.jpg (72649 bytes)
Another view of the Wurmlinger.  She has working deck and is helicopter capable.
10-wilbrad-07-25-06-pb.jpg (103983 bytes)
Tank barge William Bradley.
11-wilbrad-07-25-06-pb.jpg (104822 bytes)
Tugs William Bradley & Delta Eagle attend the barge in Inuvik.
12-wilbrad-07-25-06-pb.jpg (91837 bytes)
Another view of the 2 tugs.
13-wilbrad-07-25-06-pb.jpg (108611 bytes)
 A view of the tugs taken from the deck of the Wurmlinger.
14-wilbrad-07-25-06-pb.jpg (72377 bytes)
Looking South toward Inuvik and this branch of the McKenzie river.  Inuvik is just below the tree line.

Historical Perspectives - Jim Hoffman
bwneg-jrh6-j-f-schoelkopf-jr-r-c-stanley-stern-smoke-ub-port-huron-3300two_edited-1.jpg (97999 bytes)
Stern view of Robert C. Stanley and J.F. Schoelkopf Jr. (heavy smoke) entering Lake Huron upbound from the St. Clair River at Port Huron, Michigan during the late seventies.
8x12bw-jrh-rogers-city-co3-one.jpg (77467 bytes)
Rogers City loading coal at C&O # 3 Dock Toledo, Ohio.

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