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February 10, 20

Recent Icebreaking
IMG_4475web.jpg (84944 bytes)
Samuel Risley escorting Canadian Transport past Courtright, Ontario Sunday. Harold Merton
risleyescort-02-07-10ez.jpg (99320 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley escorting the Canadian Transport followed by the USCG Bristol Bay just past Port Lambton in very heavy brash ice. Erich Zuschlag
risley-detnews.jpg (135083 bytes)
Risley leading the Algosea. Detroit News

Ice skating over a shipwreck - Ron Walsh
B.-W.-Folger-001.jpg (94511 bytes)
The remains of the 84 foot schooner B. W. Folger according to local divers.
B.-W.-Folger-003.jpg (99152 bytes)
Unusually clear ice
B.-W.-Folger-002.jpg (83042 bytes)    

In June 2006 the Windoc was towed up the Welland canal from Port Weller to Port Colborne.  These photos highlight the trip. - Paul Beesley
1-windoc-06-16-06-pb.jpg (125910 bytes)
McKiel's tug Progress secured ahead of the Windoc in Port Weller.
2-windoc-06-16-06-pb.jpg (72876 bytes)
Nadro's Vac & Seahound waiting astern of the Windoc.
3-windoc-06-16-06-pb.jpg (97244 bytes)
Vac & Seahound preparing to hook on to the stern.
4-windoc-06-16-06-pb.jpg (79997 bytes)
Seahound seen in Lock 1 beyond the propeller of the Windoc.
5-windoc-06-16-06-pb.jpg (59258 bytes)
Looking at Lock 2 as the tow approaches.
6-windoc-06-16-06-pb.jpg (62193 bytes)
The bridge that caused all the problems.  The tow approaches the bridge at Allenburg.
7-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (119533 bytes)
The tow was secured above bridge 21 in Port Colborne for the night.  The next day the Seahound moved the Windoc to the scrap yard in Port Colborne.
8-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (86755 bytes)
Seahound moves the Windoc upbound toward IMS.
9-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (245217 bytes)
Tow connection for the move to IMS.
10-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (46323 bytes)
Previous name - Steelcliffe Hall - can still be seen.
11-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (92147 bytes)
Another view of the Seahound at work.
12-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (224957 bytes)
Opening in the hull of Windoc.
13-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (69291 bytes)
Progress hauls the stern clear of the remains of the Joseph Frantz.
14-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (68182 bytes)
Gliding past the remains of the Joseph Frantz.
15-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (92158 bytes)
Vac pushes the Windoc stern alongside the dock.
16-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (162395 bytes)
Preparing stern lines for tie-up.
17-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (95078 bytes)
Seahound & Vac keep the stern alongside.
18-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (118890 bytes)
Hauling a stern line ashore.
19-windoc-06-17-06-pb.jpg (84527 bytes)
All secured at IMS.  As many of you know the hulk was moved to Port Weller in the fall of '08, then taken to Toronto in the fall of '09.

Historical Perspectives from the Blue Water Bridge- Marc Dease
trmclagan.jpg (153022 bytes)
T R McLagan downbound, Sept 16, 1984.
ralphmisener.jpg (119860 bytes)
Ralph Misener downbound Sept 16, 1984.
richelieu.jpg (125188 bytes)
Richelieu downbound Sept 1, 1985
murraybay.jpg (164210 bytes)
Murray Bay downbound Nov. 23, 1985.
beechglen.jpg (160299 bytes)
Beechglen downbound Oct. 23, 1986
blackbay10-86.jpg (156332 bytes)
Black Bay upbound Oct. 23, 1986.
seawayqueen.jpg (129325 bytes)
Seaway Queen downbound Oct. 29, 1986.
scottmisener3.jpg (190546 bytes)
Scott Misener(3) downbound Nov. 8, 1986.
carollake.jpg (121877 bytes)
Carol Lake downbound Dec. 5, 1986
algomarine.jpg (258539 bytes)
Algomarine upbound before conversion, Sept. 20, 1987.
willowglen.jpg (228310 bytes)
Willowglen upbound, May 20, 1991.
scottmisener4.jpg (96422 bytes)
Scott Misener(4) downbound, Sept. 28, 1991.
oakglen.jpg (280526 bytes)
Oakglen(1) up bound Sept. 20, 1987.

Historical Perspectives - Folger before her demise off Kerr (fish) point Amherst Island - Tom Rutledge
bw-folger-in-Kingston-Harbour.jpg (125215 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - Soo River Trader & Fernglen being scrapped - Capt. R. Metz
soo-river-trader-next-one-to-be-scrapped.jpg (53237 bytes) same-picture-during-scrapping.jpg (36131 bytes) pineglen_fernglen.jpg (32315 bytes) neglen.jpg (32589 bytes) pilothouse.jpg (44326 bytes)
chart-room.jpg (49166 bytes) after-end-of-scrap.jpg (53412 bytes)      

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