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February 11, 20

Griffon and Samuel Risley breaking ice in the St Clair River near Algonac Wednesday - Bruce Hurd
100_9497.jpg (84979 bytes) 100_9499.jpg (88210 bytes) 100_9495.jpg (65790 bytes)    

St. Charles River of the Quebec Harbour - Frederick Frechette
1-AlgomaDiscovery-10-02-10-FF-jpg.jpg (37639 bytes)
Algoma Discovery awaiting inspection following a grounding Tuesday.
2-Amundsen-Amelia-Melissa-Desgagne-10-0210-FF-jpg.jpg (36928 bytes)
CCGS Amundsen (stand-by) Amelia Desgagne and Melissa Desgagne in winter lay-up.
3-Amelia-MelissaDesgagne-10-02-10-FF-jpg.jpg (61305 bytes)
Amelia Desgagne and Melissa Desgagne (Groupe Desgagne) in winter lay-up.
4-Umiak-1-10-02-10-FF-jpg.jpg (42905 bytes)
Federal Navigation Umiak 1  expected to depart next week. Ice strengthened bulk carrier. Note icebreaker shape bow.

Manistee exiting Holland Harbor in July - Bill Van Appledorn
Manistee-7-18-09-bva.jpg (76733 bytes)        

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