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February 13, 20

Welland canal photos from June 2006 - Paul Beesley
1-catdes-06-05-06-pb.jpg (107455 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes in Lock 1 preparing to lower.  Jun 5/06.
2-emstar-06-05-06-pb.jpg (66029 bytes)
Emerald Star passes the Canadian Progress below Lock 1.  Jun 5/06.
3-eric-06-05-06-pb.jpg (78120 bytes)
Canadian Navigator unloading while the Erikousa moves toward Lock 1.  Jun 5/06.
4-quebec-06-05-06-pb.jpg (78786 bytes)
Quebecois clear of Lock 1 downbound.  Must have been a hot day!  Jun 5/06.
5-quebec-06-05-06-pb.jpg (136182 bytes)
Close up look at the cooling spray on the deck of the Quebecois with the CSL Niagara in the background.  Jun 5/06.
6-stillw-06-05-06-pb.jpg (47547 bytes)
Canadian Navigator unloading while the Still Watch moves toward the wall.  Still Watch was formerly CCGS Ville Marie.  Jun 5/06.
7-algono-06-13-06-pb.jpg (73125 bytes)
Algonorth waiting for Lock 2.  Jun 13/06.
8-algosea-06-13-06-pb.jpg (66286 bytes)
Algoscotia upbound above Lock 7.  Jun 13/06.
9-kapser-06-13-06-pb.jpg (91956 bytes)
Kapitonas Serafinas upbound in the flight locks.  Jun 13/06.
10-mrpat-06-13-06-pb.jpg (128072 bytes)
Some of the deck machinery on the spud barge Mr. Pat.  Jun 13/06.
11-mrpat-06-13-06-pb.jpg (152202 bytes)
Seahound pushing the spud barge Mr. Pat downbound toward Lock 7.  Jun 13/06.
12-seaatfd-06-17-06-pb.jpg (140131 bytes)
Seattle Fire Dept at the Allenburg bridge.  I assume it was shipped by ship to Seattle.  Jun 17/06.
13-pm-06-17-06-pb.jpg (80849 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 in Port Colborne.  Jun 17/06.
14-michip-06-20-06-pb.jpg (80777 bytes)
Michipicoten downbound from Lock 2 passes the Onego Merchant.  Jun 20/06.

Toledo Historical perspectives - Jim Hoffman
jrh-8x12-e-j-newberry-ob-toledo-bw.jpg (64158 bytes)
E. J. Newberry outbound Maumee Bay Toledo.
jrh-8x12-j-m-mccullogh-app-lakefront-dock.jpg (65953 bytes).
Joan M. McCullough approaching Lakefront Ore Dock Toledo, Ohio.
jrh-8x12-soo-river-trader-db-crg-brg-bw.jpg (95772 bytes)
Soo River Trader downbound Maumee River Toledo, Ohio from Craig Bridge.

Kemps dock in the Soo - Tom Manse Collection
Kemps-Dock-ShaughnessySirT.jpg (67669 bytes)
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy at Kemps Dock in the 1950s.
KempsDock-S00-1950s.jpg (70525 bytes)
Another view, Lemoyne in background.

 Historical Perspectives - Herman Phillips 
2231-83-1200dpi.jpg (84436 bytes)
Algoport downbound in the St. Mary's river July 27, 1983.
2234-83-1200dpi.jpg (107590 bytes)
Algoport downbound in the Rock Cut, Neebish Isle on July 27, 1983.
2610-89-1200dpi.jpg (94813 bytes)
M/V Nicolet unloading at the Consumers Dock in St. Joseph Michigan on May 3, 1989.
831-86-1200dpi.jpg (85471 bytes)
E. M. Ford unloading at Lafarge in St. Joseph Michigan on June 29, 1986.
 397-84-1200dpi.jpg (90707 bytes)
Irvin L, Clymer arriving at the Consumers dock in St. Joseph Michigan July 2, 1984.
4017-84-1200dpi.jpg (79613 bytes)
Myron C. Taylor out bound Holland, Michigan on July 6, 1984.
433-83-1200dpi.jpg (88137 bytes)
Madison laid up in Muskegon, Michigan February 20, 1983.
PR21482.jpg (85064 bytes)
Grand Rapids laid up in Muskegon, Michigan February 14, 1982.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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