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February 16, 20

Erie, Penn. lay-up - Brian Wroblewski
1-E.B.-Speer-2-15-10-BW.jpg (109608 bytes)
Edger B Speer in the old Ore Dock Slip.
2-E.B.-Speer-2-15-10-BW.jpg (71654 bytes)
Close up of the stern from the head of the slip, set in near the JS St. John sand carrier.
3-E.B.-Speer-2-15-10-BW.jpg (73376 bytes) 4-E.B.-Speer-2-15-10-BW.jpg (72411 bytes)
Props & rudders.
5-E.B.-Speer-2-15-10-BW.jpg (96619 bytes)
Tip of the shuttle boom sticking out above the ship's name on the Starboard side above the black SUV.
6-Presque-Isle-2-15-10-BW.jpg (78701 bytes)
Presque Isle at the Port Terminal near the Harbor Entrance at Erie.

Montreal lay-up - Adrian Platts
1-TDesgagnes-02-14-2010-AP.jpg (101061 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes, no sign of damage after her fire.
2-AtlanticErie-02-14-2010-AP.jpg (77924 bytes)
Atlantic Erie

Cleveland Lay-up - Bill Kloss
1-PathfinderDorothyAnnDock30-02-07-10-bk1.jpg (118713 bytes)
Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann at Dock 30
2-InnovationLaFarge-02-07-10-bk1.jpg (97478 bytes)
Innovation at Lafarge
3-SamdeChamp-02-07-10-bk1.jpg (125072 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain
4-LaudBow-02-07-10-bk1.jpg (144706 bytes)
Sam Laud at Cleveland Ship Repair
5-SamLaudStern-02-07-10-bk1.jpg (127088 bytes)
Sam Laud stern
6-McKeeMaumee-02-06-10-bk1.jpg (68773 bytes)
McKee Sons and Maumee at Mittal Steel

Welland Canal Photos.  May 2006 - Paul Beesley
1-cape-5-02-06-pb.jpg (73532 bytes)
Algocape slides the wall toward Lock 1 while the USCGC Hollyhock heads for Lake Ontario.
2-huron-5-02-06-pb.jpg (110923 bytes)
Atlantic Huron at the Homer bridge.
3-prov-5-02-06-pb.jpg (68838 bytes)
Canadian Provider at the fit-out wall at Port Weller shipyard.
4-daniel-5-02-06-pb.jpg (68208 bytes)
Heavy-lift ship Daniella passes the Atlantic Huron below Lock 3.
5-daniel-5-02-06-pb.jpg (85987 bytes)
Daniella at the Homer bridge.
6-fedkiv-5-03-06-pb.jpg (85246 bytes)
Federal Kivalina below Lock 2 passes the John B Aird.
7-jag-5-03-06-pb.jpg (138109 bytes)
Jaguar II above Lock 7 bound for long-term layup at Ramey's Bend.
8-orna-5-03-06-pb.jpg (76290 bytes)
Orna at the Homer bridge.
9-csllaur-5-04-06-pb.jpg (70058 bytes)
CSL Laurentien at the Homer bridge.
10-vigil-5-04-06-pb.jpg (69636 bytes)
Vigilant 1 upbound below Lock 1.
11-cannav-5-05-06-pb.jpg (87848 bytes)
Canadian Navigator leaving Lock 3.
12-canpro-5-05-06-pb.jpg (73004 bytes)
Moving the Canadian Provider.
13-jbaird-5-05-06-pb.jpg (91647 bytes)
Maintenance continues.
14-paule-5-05-06-pb.jpg (71032 bytes)
Paul E 1 set up to move the Canadian Provider.
15-yickhua-5-06-06-pb.jpg (89703 bytes)
Yick Hua leaving Lock 1. 

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