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February 17, 20

Blue Water Bridge Historical Perspectives - Marc Dease
middletown.jpg (150152 bytes)
Middletown downbound October 31, 1985.
consumerspower.jpg (247795 bytes)
Consumers Power upbound, November 23, 1985
henryfordII.jpg (164524 bytes)
Henry Ford II upbound June 11, 1986.
jhfrantz.jpg (134178 bytes)
Joseph H Frantz upbound June 11, 1986.
williamclayford2.jpg (141896 bytes)
William Clay Ford (2) upbound September 2, 1986
wilfredsykes.jpg (159707 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes downbound September 14, 1986
henryfordII(2).jpg (238404 bytes)
Henry Ford II downbound October 23, 1986
americanmariner.jpg (175322 bytes)
American Mariner upbound October 29, 1986
calcite11.jpg (127391 bytes)
Calcite II downbound September 17, 1989
sparrowspoint.jpg (211545 bytes)
Sparrows Point upbound July 26, 1990
buckeye.jpg (197887 bytes)
Newly renamed Buckeye upbound May 20, 1991
herbertcjackson.jpg (153932 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson upbound September 29, 1991
johnjboland.jpg (223854 bytes)
John J Boland upbound August 24, 1995
stclair.jpg (94719 bytes)
St Clair upbound August 28, 1995

Tug Seabird - James H. Melin
100_1836.jpg (64001 bytes)
Seabird showing her color's
100_1823.jpg (73952 bytes) 100_1817.jpg (92902 bytes)
Seabird passenger's
Lifting-Sea-Bird-at-Ashland-Marina-039.jpg (42245 bytes)
Ashland's ore dock.
100_1804.jpg (34673 bytes)
Ashland, Wis. Lighthouse.
Lifting-Sea-Bird-at-Ashland-Marina-096.jpg (67428 bytes)
World War II landing craft Outer Island Bayfield, Wis.

Spartan with her name in large letters
Spartan-Sailing.jpg (28667 bytes)
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