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February 22, 20

St. Clair River Sunday -  Bruce Hurd
100_9513.jpg (52874 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw downbound out of Lake Huron
100_9531.jpg (85522 bytes) 100_9532.jpg (86555 bytes) 100_9541.jpg (85602 bytes)
The Mackinaw and Samuel Risley breaking ice off Maysville trying to cut a path for the Tug Everlast and Barge Norman McLeod.
100_9524.jpg (101852 bytes)
100_9527.jpg (71998 bytes)        

Marysville at Junction Buoy Sunday afternoon - Eric Cameron
S-RISLEY-AND-EVERLAST-2-21-10.jpg (83146 bytes) MACKINAW-AND-EVERLAST-2-21-10.jpg (67006 bytes) S-RISLEY-AND-MACKINAW-2-21-10.jpg (89005 bytes) MACKINAW-AND-EVERLAST-2-21-10-2.jpg (91871 bytes) MACKINAW-AND--S-RISLEY-2-21-10.jpg (84700 bytes)

Port Huron - Dawn C. Roberts
1-alsea-2-20-10-dcr.jpg (86387 bytes)
Algosea at anchor? in open water on the St. Clair River
2-bramb-2-20-10-dr.jpg (123143 bytes)
 Bow of the Bramble with Algocanada docked in Sarnia across the river
3-alrail-2-20-10-dr.jpg (52221 bytes)
Algorail at Sarnia
4-ms-alak-2-20-10-dr.jpg (62228 bytes)
Mississagi and Algolake at Sarnia
5-ae-fron-2-20-10-dr.jpg (61884 bytes)
Algoeast and Frontenac at Sarnia
6-cmb-lat-2-21-10-dr.jpg (45341 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghley and Lee A. Tregurtha at Nicholson's Dock Detroit.
7-stclice-2-20-10-dr.jpg (143358 bytes)
Ice at St. Clair
8-mvice-2-20-10-dr.jpg (215257 bytes)
Ice at Marysville
9-lhice-2-20-10-dcr.jpg (157785 bytes)
Open channel above the Bluewater Bridges

Port Colborne Lay-up - Al Howard
Algowood-2.20.2010--ah.jpg (101848 bytes)
Canadian-Enterprise-2.20.2010--ah.jpg (89275 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise
Paul-J.-Martin-2.20.2010-ah.jpg (74919 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin
Marinelink-Explorer-2.20.2010-ah.jpg (82459 bytes)
Marinelink Explorer

Griffin at the CCG Amherstburg base Friday and Saturday -  David Cozens
DSC00543.jpg (81688 bytes)
A small portable office was was unloaded.
DSC00539.jpg (105176 bytes)
Gull Isle & Isle Rouge are in layup in the inner slip
DSC00565.jpg (110727 bytes)
The  Amherstburg Channel of the Detroit River is clear of ice. The buoys stored on the dock for the winter will soon be readied for service & returned to the river.
DSC00561.jpg (122126 bytes)  

Drydock in Kingston almost drained and the Alexander Henry sits inside
- Tom Rutledge
pano-ah-drydock.jpg (68685 bytes) sv-ah-drydock.jpg (103560 bytes) fv-ah-drydock.jpg (148898 bytes) rv-ah-drydock.jpg (102436 bytes)  

Edward L. Ryerson downbound exiting the Livingston Channel August, 2008 - Neil Johnson
1.-Ryerson-8-15-08.jpg (100172 bytes)
Ryerson downbound exiting the Livingston Channel
2.-Bow-View-8-15-08.jpg (64521 bytes) 3.-Stern-View-8-15-08.jpg (66636 bytes)    

Algoisle on the St. Clair River - Jim Cottrell
P1010597.jpg (67715 bytes) P1010596.jpg (107826 bytes) P1010595.jpg (78833 bytes)    

Concordia at Iroquois Lock 1 - photo by Terry Beahen.
1-concordia-tb.jpg (102854 bytes)
Concordia, sail training ship in Iroquois Lock July, 2001.  The ship recently sank off Brazil

Welland Canal Photos, May 2006 - Paul Beesley
1-holly-5-01-06-pb.jpg (80833 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock downbound.
2-niaclip-5-03-06-pb.jpg (97780 bytes)
Niagara Clipper approaches Lock 7.
3-pml9k-5-09-06-pb.jpg (63187 bytes)
PML 9000 approaching Port Weller piers with Seahound ahead and Reliance astern.
4-relian-5-09-06-pb.jpg (93038 bytes)
Inside the wheelhouse of the Reliance.
5-seahnd-5-09-06-pb.jpg (82898 bytes)
Looking forward from the steering position of the Seahound.
6-cslassin-5-15-06-pb.jpg (83842 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine under Bridge 21, Port Colborne.
7-cantran-5-16-06-pb.jpg (67884 bytes)
Canadian Transfer below the Homer bridge.
8-fedkat-5-16-06-pb.jpg (66960 bytes)
Federal Katsura approaching Lock 1.
9-elikon-5-20-06-pb.jpg (75127 bytes)
Elikon below Lock 2.
10-islgem-5-20-06-pb.jpg (82020 bytes)
Island Gem after leaving Lock 3.
11-meta-5-20-06-pb.jpg (88937 bytes)
Meta below Lock 2.
12-pochar-5-21-06-pb.jpg (97000 bytes)
Pochard at the Allanburg Bridge.
13-drecht-5-23-06-pb.jpg (82534 bytes)
Drechtburg, pilot boat and Vega Desgagnes below Lock 1.
14-kenttim-5-24-06-pb.jpg (84591 bytes)
Kent Timber below Lock 1.
15-thuncp-5-31-06-pb.jpg (86972 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Search & Rescue base below Lock 1.  CCGC Thunder Cape, Niagara Regional Police boat and Algosea.

Historic perspectives - Tom Manse Collection
IceJamStClairRiver84.jpg (73127 bytes)
1984 St. Clair River ice jam. Canadian Leader leads the way.

Unknown tugs at the Soo. if you can ID please post to the Search Page
Mystery-tug-Nav---.jpg (80273 bytes)
1970s, first three letters are NAV
Mystery-Tug-Soo.jpg (115181 bytes)
last 4 letters of the tugs name are ERSON.

Historical Pictures - Capt. R. Metz
Soo-River-Trader.jpg (69440 bytes) rescue.jpg (53452 bytes) Soo-River-Trader-and-Joseph-X-Robert.jpg (67516 bytes) Joseph-X-Robert.jpg (59269 bytes) first-mate-Peter.jpg (64280 bytes)
captains-quarters.jpg (41385 bytes)        

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