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February 25, 20

Mackinaw in Port Huron Wednesday -  James Lehtola
DSC00074.jpg (69957 bytes) DSC00073.jpg (112002 bytes) DSC00076.jpg (59829 bytes)
Looking across river to Sarnia's lay-up fleet
DSC00077.jpg (55018 bytes) DSC00078.jpg (53868 bytes)
Blue Water Bridges

St. Clair Icebreaking Tuesday - Larry Mobbs
MobileBay-2-23-10-lm.jpg (92027 bytes)
Mobile Bay breaks the ice dam between Marysville and St. Clair
SRisley1-2-23-10-lm-.jpg (70178 bytes)
 Risley turns to make another pass by Algonac.  Mackinaw waits off Port Lambton
SRisley2-2-23-10-lm.jpg (68585 bytes)
Risley completes a run past Algonac and Walpole Island.
RisleyNeahBay-2-23-10-lm.jpg (78902 bytes)
Southbound Risley meets the Northbound Neah Bay off Algonac
NeahBayatAlgonac-2-23-10-lm.jpg (73619 bytes)
Neah Bay stops at the Walpole Island ferry dock

Historical Perspectives - Blue Water Bridge and 1985 Sarnia -  Marc Dease
belleriver85.jpg (89467 bytes)
Belle River downbound November 23, 1985.
williamjdelancey.jpg (126107 bytes)
William J DeLancey up bound August 3, 1986.
burnsharbor.jpg (155664 bytes)
Burns Harbor follows the DeLancey into Lake Huron.
lewiswilsonfoy.jpg (213270 bytes)
Lewis Wilson Foy up bound August 30, 1986.
columbiastar.jpg (116454 bytes)
Columbia Star down bound September 16,1986.
belleriver86.jpg (156859 bytes)
Belle River up bound followed by the E M Ford, September 16, 1986.

Canadian lakers laid up in Sarnia during the Lock 7 closure in 1985.
ottercliffehall.jpg (68401 bytes)
Ottercliffe Hall with a full load in the north slip at Point Edward, October17, 1985.
lakemanitoba.jpg (67124 bytes)
Lake Manitoba alongside the Coastal Canada at the Government dock in Sarnia, October 17, 1985.
govdock.jpg (171151 bytes)
 Panoramic view left to right: Lake Manitoba, Cartiercliffe Hall, Algocen, Canadian Ranger and Agowest in the north slip, October 23, 1985. The Ranger would later tie up alongside the Algocen to allow the Birchglen into the elevator.

Badger post card - John van der Doe.
BADGER.jpg (170531 bytes)
If you can ID the year pleas post to the search page
IMG564.jpg (37692 bytes)      

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