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March 1, 20

Sarnia lay-up - Matt Miner
1-CuySag-2-28-10-mm.jpg (68681 bytes)
Cuyahoga & Saginaw
2-Front-2-28-10-mm.jpg (87169 bytes)
Josh II, Frontenac, Algoeast
3-ManCal-2-28-10-mm.jpg (68797 bytes)
Manitowoc & Calumet
5-ManCal-2-28-10-mm.jpg (95326 bytes) 4-Sea-2-28-10-mm.jpg (80711 bytes)
6-Lake-2-28-10-mm.jpg (86008 bytes)
7-Rail-2-28-10-mm.jpg (98775 bytes)
8-Rail-2-28-10-mm.jpg (86655 bytes) 9-Risley-2-28-10-mm.jpg (109734 bytes)
Samuel Risley escorting the Algocanada
10-Canada-2-28-10-mm.jpg (142381 bytes)
11-Canada-2-28-10-mm.jpg (94468 bytes)
12-RisCan-2-28-10-mm.jpg (90758 bytes)
Entering the ice
13-SagCuy-2-28-10-mm.jpg (61399 bytes)
Saginaw, Cuyahoga, Algoeast
14-SagCuy-2-28-10-mm.jpg (67290 bytes) 15-EastFront-2-28-10-mm.jpg (65644 bytes)
Frontenac & Algoeast
16-EastBow-2-28-10-mm.jpg (109601 bytes)
Algoeast's bow high & dry
17-Miss-2-28-10-mm.jpg (115382 bytes)
18-Risley-2-28-10-mm.jpg (128026 bytes)
Risley returning from escort
19-Risley-2-28-10-mm.jpg (107018 bytes)
Turning off the Sidney Smith Dock
20-Risley-2-28-10-mm.jpg (102518 bytes)
Backing in
21-SeaLakeRis-2-28-10-mm.jpg (89701 bytes)
Algosea, Algolake, Samuel Risley
Cargil - Govt Dock 2010.jpg (141178 bytes)
Government Dock 2010.jpg (101456 bytes) North Slip 2010.jpg (144765 bytes)  

Mackinaw departs Port Huron for Cheboygan- T. Welles
DSC02175.jpg (66344 bytes)
With Bramble
DSC02179.jpg (73915 bytes) 
Departing Bean Dock
DSC02182.jpg (61956 bytes)
North of Black River, passing Sarnia Lay up fleet

Hamilton lay-up February 25 - John van der Doe
HAMILTON.jpg (114743 bytes)        

Concordia on the Lakes - Dick Wicklund
concordia-072801-dw.jpg (92335 bytes)
The tall ship Concordia sank Feb. 17, 2010 over 300 miles off Brazil in a severe storm.  All sixty-four on board were rescued.  The 188 foot 1992 built barquentine visited the Great Lakes in July, 2001 as part of Bay City, Michigan's "Tall Ship Celebration."

Historical Perspective - Various photos of spring shipping over the years - Roger LeLievre, from Tom Manse Collection
FairlessBenjF-TM.jpg (81615 bytes)
Benjamin F. Fairless above the locks in the late 1970s.
HebardCharlesSIce.jpg (75764 bytes)
Charles S. Hebard and others icebound in Whitefish Bay, early 1900s.
Kaw-LimeIsland.jpg (84589 bytes)
USCG icebreaking tug Kaw off Lime Island around 1960.
Ice-boats-72DuluthWoodrushMcGonFedLakes.jpg (162957 bytes)
USCG Woodrush with William A. McGonagle and Federal Lakes off Duluth, 1972.
Naugatuck-TM.jpg (88209 bytes)
USCG Naugatuck, mid-60s.
LemoyneRoyaltonIce.jpg (130820 bytes)
Lemoyne and Royalton in spring ice, lower St. Marys River, 1960s.
MatherWmG-1stBoat1944.jpg (103594 bytes)
William G. Mather was the first boat at the Soo in 1944.

Historical Perspective - Unique ships of a bygone era. - Jon Paul Michaels & Brent Michaels
1.superior-2-27-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (88214 bytes)
Str. Superior
2.josephsscobell-2-27-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (78207 bytes)
MV Joseph S. Scobell
3.tecumseh-2-27-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (62321 bytes)
MV Tecumseh
4.samuelmitchell-2-27-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (85886 bytes)
Str. Samuel Mitchell
5.southpark-2-27-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (78077 bytes)
Str. South Park
6.johnfritz-2-27-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (85745 bytes)
Bge. John Fritz
7.ggpost-2-27-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (109651 bytes)
Str. G.G. Post

Historical Perspective - John Sherwin - Marc Vander Meulen collection
C39_John_Sherwin_edit.jpg (137923 bytes) C38_John_Sherwin_edit.jpg (130681 bytes)      

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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