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March 5, 20

Pilot change by Ocean tugs past Quebec City Last weekend - Adrian Platts
00_WildWeather_inQuebecCity.jpg (64373 bytes)
A weekend with exceptionally high winds.
01_ChemtransHavel_022810_AP.jpg (95116 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel being joined for the passage by QC
02_Alyssa_022810_AP.jpg (113848 bytes)
MSC Alyssa comes through light river ice
03_OceanRaymond-BBC_022810_AP.jpg (133094 bytes)
BBC Orinoco & Ocean Raymond Lamay
04-BBCOrinocoOcean_022810_ap.jpg (162638 bytes)
Orinoco & Lamay going down river

CSL Assiniboine with drydock gates open  March 4, 2010 - Audrey Hartley
march-2010-011.jpg (93896 bytes)
Welland Canal drained
march-2010-006.jpg (126882 bytes) march-2010-007.jpg (105823 bytes) march-2010-010.jpg (83453 bytes) march-2010-008.jpg (110444 bytes)
march-2010-009.jpg (88567 bytes)        

Algocanada in Cheboygan, Mich. March 1-2
1.-algocanada-3-1-10-jpm.jpg (72820 bytes)
Algocanada at the former BP Tank Facility. Jon Paul Michaels (March 1)
2.-cheboyganriver-3-1-10-jpm.jpg (63034 bytes)
RV Sturgeon, RV Grayling, Algocanada, USCGC Mackinaw. Jon Paul Michaels
Algocanada-2---3-2-10-dd.jpg (45439 bytes)
 Algocanada leaving Cheboygan River and in Lake Huron rounding Bois Blanc Island (March 2). Dianne Donati
Algocanada-3-2-10-dd.jpg (42459 bytes)  

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder on their third Cuyahoga River shuttle of 2010 Season from the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge - Kate White
1-Pathfinder-03-03-10-KW.jpg (82990 bytes) 2-Pathfinder-03-03-10-KW.jpg (79393 bytes) 3-Pathfinder-03-03-10-KW.jpg (89984 bytes) 4-Pathfinder-03-03-10-KW.jpg (106735 bytes)  

Hamilton, Ontario harbor
- Rodney Aitchison
1-HamiltonHarbour-3-1-10-RA.jpg (407336 bytes)        

Know Your Ships 2010

Heidelberg-Speedmaster.jpg (79098 bytes)        

Night photo's of Sarnia elevator and government dock action late 1980's - 2000. All are now scrapped or running under a new name. - Marc Dease
willowglen.jpg (57632 bytes)
Willowglen loading at Sarnia, December 14, 1989.
oakglen.jpg (63496 bytes)
Newly renamed Oakglen (2) loads her first cargo at Sarnia, March 28, 1990.
algocen.jpg (61290 bytes)
Algocen loading at Sarnia, July 6, 1992.
ralphmisener.jpg (48830 bytes)
Ralph Misener at the government dock undergoing repairs after striking the Shell Oil fuel dock, August 29, 1992
algocape.jpg (48607 bytes)
Algocape (1) loads at Sarnia, October 29, 1992.
mackinaw.jpg (84084 bytes)
USCG Cutter Mackinaw at the government dock, April 16, 1993.
simcoe.jpg (70893 bytes)
Simcoe loads at Sarnia, October 28, 1993.  
algosound.jpg (55525 bytes)
Algosound loads at Sarnia, August 14, 1995.
comeaudoc.jpg (56597 bytes)
Comeaudoc loads at Sarnia, September 4, 1995.
seawayqueen.jpg (70103 bytes)
Seaway Queen loads at Sarnia, August 22, 1995.  
mapleglen.jpg (56737 bytes)
Mapleglen at the government dock, April 24, 1996.
mantadoc.jpg (58677 bytes)
Mantadoc loads at Sarnia, May 22, 1996.
windoc.jpg (45627 bytes)
Windoc at the government dock in Sarnia, August 19, 1999.  
algoville.jpg (64058 bytes)
Algoville loads at Sarnia, October 4, 1999.
manitoulin.jpg (57177 bytes)
Manitoulin loads at Sarnia, October 23, 2000.

Historical Perspective - Roger LeLievre, from Tom Manse Collection
Henry,-Alexander-air-ice-2-copy.jpg (164543 bytes)
Alexander Henry
Henry,-Alexander-air-ice-1-copy.jpg (141696 bytes)      

Historical Perspective - USCG Mariposa approaching the seawall in the river park in Algonac, during the St. Clair River ice jam in the 80ís  - John F. Frankhouse II
USCG-Mariposa-jff-2-4-10.jpg (58433 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - Classic Lakers in the 1960's - Jon Paul Michaels
1.angeline-3-1-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (76443 bytes)
Str. Angeline being towed for scrap
2.-saskadoc-3-1-10-jpm.jpg (63857 bytes)
Str. Saskadoc upbound with coal at Port Huron
3.-lemoyne-3-1-10-jpm.jpg.jpg (79743 bytes)
Str. Lemoyne in the Welland Canal
4.algosoo-3-1-10-jpm.jpg (79086 bytes)
Str. Algosoo downbound Port Huron
5.c.a.bennett-3-1-10-jpm.jpg (90004 bytes)
Str. C. A. Bennett loading pulpwood
6.maunaloaII-3-1-10-jpm.jpg (48223 bytes)
Str. Maunaloa II upbound under the Blue Water Bridge

Historical Perspectives - Galen R. Witham Collection
2.-Raymond-H.-Reiss---3-1-09-scan--grw3-1-09.jpg (59354 bytes)
Raymond H. Reiss, downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.  Date Unknown
1.-Cliffs-Victory--grw-Scan-3-1-09.jpg (125539 bytes)
 The Cliffs Victory off Cleveland, OH.  Date Unknown

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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