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March 8, 20

Winter Layups at Hamilton - John McCreery
1-Algosoo-Shelley-3--5-10-jm.jpg (97209 bytes)
Algosoo and J W Shelley at Eastport
2-Shelley-Algosoo-2-21-10-jm.jpg (97935 bytes)
Stern View
3-Tadoussac-3-5-10-jm.jpg (110894 bytes)
4-Tadoussac-3-5-10-jm.jpg (65976 bytes)
Tadoussac and McCleary's Spirit
5-Norris-Leader-2-21-10-jm.jpg (103627 bytes)
Norris and Canadian Leader
6-LayUp-Hamilton-3-5-10-jm.jpg (107622 bytes)
Pierson, Algocape, Jackman, Norris and Canadian Leader
7-Pierson-Cape-Jackman-3-5-10-jm.jpg (109130 bytes)
Closer view of the Pierson, Algocape and Jackman

Sector Detroit on Friday - Galen Witham
1-hollyhock-3-5-10-grw.jpg (94177 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock, moors at Sector Detroit to pick up buoys for spring placement, a sure sign that shipping is about to begin.
2.-bristol-bay-3-5-10-grw.jpg (132987 bytes)
Also preparing for spring breakout, the USCGC Bristol Bay, is shown in her slip at Sector Detroit.

Edward M. Cotter icebreaking on the Buffalo River - Brian Wroblewski
1-EM-Cotter-3-5-10-BW.jpg (80650 bytes)
Cotter backing and ramming heavy pressure ridges in the reach of the Buffalo River just off the Buckeye Product Terminal.
2-EM-Cotter-3-5-10-BW.jpg (158975 bytes)
Backing downriver past the Buffalo Color plant, six miles by water from Lake Erie.
3EMCotter3-5-10BW.jpg (140220 bytes)
South Park Ave. lift bridge is being raised for the stern first passage of the Cotter.
4EMCotter3-5-10BW.jpg (112368 bytes)
Cotter backing through the draw so as not to damage the prop and rudder if she were to try and turn around in all that heavy ice above the bridge.
5-EM-Cotter-3-5-10-BW.jpg (118264 bytes)
Turning below the bridge.
6-EM-Cotter-3-5-10-BW.jpg (95343 bytes)
Using her propwash to clear some ice out from under the drawbridge.
7-EM-Cotter-3-5-10-BW.jpg (87141 bytes)
Heading back downriver towards the old DL&W Buffalo River Draw with CP Draw and the Nickel Plate bridges further in the distance.

Escanaba's first load Friday -  Lee Rowe
GLTraderJVEnkLR030510_002.jpg (97705 bytes)        

Fishing tug at Manistique, Mich.  - Jens Mammen
JR-Jensen-at-Manistique-7-2007.jpg (102285 bytes)
   J.R. Jensen
Kathy-at-Manistique-7-2007.jpg (132828 bytes)
Shelly-at-Manistique-7-2007.jpg (97714 bytes)

Fish tugs in Sarnia, February 13 - Allen Vary
Feb-2010-055.jpg (82824 bytes)
Mar Vel Ann
Feb-2010-057.jpg (93341 bytes)
Teresa Maria
Feb-2010-059.jpg (113259 bytes)
Noskca J.

Arthur B. Homer showing the dramatic launching of the Homer on November 7, 1959 - Bethlehem Steel photo from the Brian Bernard Collection
Arthur__B_Homer_Nov_1959.jpg (73160 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - Classic Lakers before their conversions - Jon Paul Michaels
1.-josephhfrantz-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (66039 bytes)
Joseph H. Frantz - re powered twice and converted to a self unloader. Now scrapped.
2.ebbarber-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (81006 bytes)
 E. B. Barber - trunk deck added and converted to a self unloader. Now scrapped.
3.frankcliffehall-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (47758 bytes)
Frankcliffe Hall - deepened and converted to a self unloader. Now sails as Halifax.
4.shenango2-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (45420 bytes)
Shenango II - lengthened and then converted to a self unloader and later re powered as a diesel. Now sails as Charles M. Beeghly.
5.edwardbgreene-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (55218 bytes)
Edward B. Greene - lengthened and later converted to a self unloader. Now sails as Kaye E. Barker.
6.walterasterling-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (64430 bytes)
Walter A. Sterling - lengthened and later converted to a self unloader. Re powered with a diesel. Now sails as Lee A. Tregurtha.
7.sparrowspoint-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (83516 bytes)
Sparrows Point - lengthened and later converted to a self unloader. Cut down to a self unloading barge and now sails as Lewis J. Kuber.
8.ernesttweir-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (60422 bytes)
Ernest T. Weir - converted to a self unloader and now sails as American Fortitude.
9.casonjcalloway-3-6-10-jpm.jpg (45124 bytes)
Cason J. Calloway - lengthened and later converted to a self unloader.
10.arthurmanderson-3-6-10-jpm.jpg-001.jpg (49360 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson - lengthened and later converted to a self unloader.
11.philliprclarke-3-6-10-jpm.jpg-001.jpg (71207 bytes)
Phillip R. Clarke - lengthened and later converted to a self unloader.
12.armco-3-6-10-jpm.jpm-001.jpg (68491 bytes)
Armco - lengthened and later converted to a self unloader. Now sails as American Valor.
13.reserve-3-6-10-jpm.jpg-001.jpg (69481 bytes)
Reserve -lengthened and later converted to a self unloader. Cut down to self unloading barge and sails as James J. Kuber.

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