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March 13, 20

Boats at Fraser Shipyards, Superior, Wis. - Mike Sipper
1-Amvictory-3-6-10-MS.jpg.jpg (68123 bytes)
American Victory
2-Aecornelius-3-6-10-MS.jpg.jpg (62430 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius
3-Stclammar-3-6-10-MS.jpg.jpg (71315 bytes)
St. Clair / American Mariner
4-Kebarker-3-6-10-MS.jpg.jpg (69234 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker
5-Aecornelius-3-6-10-MS.jpg.jpg (75213 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius (Stern)

Toronto Thursday - Gerry O.
1-Montrealis-3-11-2010-go.jpg (60999 bytes)
Montrealis being backed into Redpath. Seahound on the bow.
2-Montrealis-3-11-2010-go.jpg (45546 bytes)
Montrealis with Seahound, river Gambler in background.
3-Montrealis-3-11-2010-go.jpg (36540 bytes)
Montrealis with Wyatt M. on the stern.

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian Wroblewski
1-Luedtke-3-12-10-BW.jpg (96306 bytes)
Tugs Kurt Keudtke and the Gretchen tied up with the #16 dredge rig. Two workers can be seen in yellow rain slickers on the left side, up under the derrick of the #16 making some sort of repair.
2-Luedtke-3-12-10-BW.jpg (84482 bytes)
Close up of the tugs at the Cargil Pool Elevator Pier and it looks like the crew may have been recently painting her upper superstructure since it looks fresh and clean.

Toledo, Ohio  Wednesday
- Bob Vincent
1-PenobscotBay-3-10-10-bv.jpg (60653 bytes)
Penobscot Bay heading in
2-PenobscotBay-3-10-10-bv.jpg (58985 bytes)
Another view
3-PenobscotBay-3-10-10-bv.jpg (62484 bytes)
Penobscot Bay turning in the turn basin in front of CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
4-PenobscotBya-3-10-10-bv.jpg (74131 bytes)
Penobscot Bay heading out
5-PenobscotBay-3-10-10-bv.jpg (61588 bytes)
Leaving Toledo

Port Dover, Port Maitland and Port Colborne - Joseph Rennie
074.jpg (53660 bytes)
John B Aird at Port Colborne
038.jpg (88501 bytes) Fishing Tug Fish Finder at Port Dover, Ontario bow view 064.jpg (92130 bytes)
Fishing Tug Rainbow S ashore at Port Maitland, Ontario

Mystery pictures - if you can ID please post to the Search Page - Roger LeLievre
Three pictures from the Soo, plus an aerial view of a laker, perhaps during WW II
Mystery-WW2.jpg (85241 bytes) Mystery-Soo.jpg (150487 bytes) Lake-Superior-Transit.jpg (132480 bytes) Can-Lock-Anchor-Line.jpg (146449 bytes)  

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