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March 17, 20

Soo Monday - Bonnie Barnes
1-Purvistug&barge-03.1.2010-BLB.jpg (58104 bytes)
  Purvis Tug W.J. Issac Purvis pulling barge PML 9000 from the Carbide Dock (Soo Michigan) across river to the Purvis dock (Soo, Ontario).
2-Purvistug&barge-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (82854 bytes)
Purvis Tug Martin Johnson moves in to assist as they near the Purvis dock.
3-purvistug&barge-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (70509 bytes)
Tugs moving the barge to the Purvis dock
4-OntarioDNRplane-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (90737 bytes)
An Ontario Dept of Natural Resources plane that was doing takeoffs and landings
5-OntarioDNRplane-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (95033 bytes)
Ontario DNR plane taking off passing the PML barge 9000
6-Hollyhock-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (82051 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock moving from the Soo Coast Guard dock down to the Carbide Dock.
7-Holllyhock-03.15.2010-.jpg (71510 bytes)
The PML barge and tugs across the river
8-Hollyhock-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (96382 bytes)
Hollyhock approaching the Carbide dock
9-Hollyhock-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (190777 bytes)
Lines being thrown to waiting Coast Guard personnel
10-Hollyhock-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (114759 bytes)
securing lines
11-Hollyhock-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (165807 bytes)
all secure
12-SugarIslanderII-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (64162 bytes)
Sugar Islander II
13-Mackinaw-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (95958 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw up bound St. Marys River
14-Mackinaw-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (77207 bytes)
passing Sugar Island dock
15-Mackinaw-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (87227 bytes)
both ships sound a salute
16-Mackinaw-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (95613 bytes)
approaching Soo Base
17-Mackinaw-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (95951 bytes)
lowering bumpers
18-Mackinaw-03.15.2010-BLB.jpg (98211 bytes)
moving sideways toward dock
19-Mackinaw-03.15.2010.jpg (185210 bytes)
Mackinaw secure at dock, USCGC Katmai Bay in foreground

USCG Mackinaw upbound lower St Marys River Monday afternoon to the Soo - Jerry Masson
IMackinaw-at-Dark-Hole_1.jpg (64805 bytes)        

Satellite ice image from Monday
LakeHuron31510.jpg (140236 bytes)
The feared ice bridge in lower Lake Huron has mostly broken up or melted Click here for more images

Know Your Ships 2010 arrives from Printer
Van-o-Books.jpg (106939 bytes)
Cargo of books.
Unloading.jpg (96688 bytes)
Tepel Brothers driver helps with the unload.
End-result.jpg (92575 bytes)
The end result: Know Your Ships 2010 Click here for more info

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