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March 18, 20

Soo Harbor Wednesday - Bonnie Barnes
1.USCG-Penobscot-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (112499 bytes)
 USCG Penobscot Bay approaching Mission Point
2.USCG-Penobscot-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (96447 bytes)
Penobscot Bay passing Sugar Island docks
3.Penobscot-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (95582 bytes)
moving up toward Soo Harbor
4.USCG-Mobile-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (95588 bytes)
Mobile Bay after backing out of Coast Guard station slip, and heading for Carbide dock.
5.Katmai-Bay,-Mobile-Bay,-Peobscot-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (75391 bytes)
Three in a row:  Katmai Bay (foreground), Mobile Bay, Penobscot Bay
6.Missouri.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (88659 bytes)
Great Lakes Towing tug Missouri, heading down to assist Mobile Bay approach Carbide Dock
7.Penobscot-Bay-&-Missouri.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (61330 bytes)
Missouri passing upbound  Penobscot Bay
8.Mobile-Bay-at-Carbide.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (89414 bytes)
Mobile Bay moving in to place at Carbide dock
9.Mobile-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (83236 bytes)
Mobile Bay secured.
10.USCGC-Mackinaw.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (152370 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw docked at the Soo Coast Guard dock
11.Penobscot-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (84830 bytes)
Penobscot Bay turned to enter slip behind the Mackinaw
12.Missouri.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (107020 bytes)
Missouri returning to its dock
13.Mackinaw-&-Penobscot-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (89266 bytes)
Penobscot easing into slip
14.Mackinaw-&-Penobscot-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (86723 bytes)
15.Grand-Haven-&-St.-Ignace.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (175300 bytes)
Coast Guard boats Grand Haven and St. Ignace still in winter dry dock
16.Missouri.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (90913 bytes)
Missouri backing into Great Lakes Towing slip, next to the Coast Guard slip and dock.
17.Mackinaw,Penobscot,Missouri.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (97178 bytes)
Penobscot Bay being secured, Missouri backing back past tug Florida.
18.Mackinaw,Penobscot-Bay.03.17.2010.BLB.jpg (107922 bytes)
Everybody secured.   

Hamilton, Ont. March 17 - John van der Doe
Hamilton-17-March-2010-(5).jpg (117993 bytes) Hamilton-17-March-2010-(8).jpg (74096 bytes) Hamilton-17-March-2010-(11).jpg (120322 bytes) Hamilton-17-March-2010-(12).jpg (106131 bytes) Hamilton-17-March-2010-(18).jpg (46973 bytes)
Hamilton-17-March-2010-(19).jpg (82814 bytes)        

Arthur M. Anderson loading taconite at the Jonick dock in Lorain Wednesday - Paul Magyar
1-ArthurMAnderson-31710-pm.jpg (51423 bytes)        

Risley and Jackson pass Port Huron - Andrew Severson
SR31610ANS.jpg (59968 bytes)
Samuel Risley upbound
SR2-31610ANS.jpg (85591 bytes)
Reflection in the calm river
HCJ31610ANS.jpg (67160 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson upbound
HCJICE31610.jpg (38225 bytes)
 Jackson in the ice.
SRHCJ31610ANS.jpg (33114 bytes)
Jackson and Risley in the ice
SRICE31610ANS.jpg (26288 bytes)
Risley waiting for the Jackson to catch up.

Alpena and Escanaba - Ben & Chanda McClain
Alp-3-16-10-BCM-01.jpg (65490 bytes)
Alpena heading into Lafarge
JBlk-3-16-10-BCM-01.jpg (104147 bytes)
Joseph L. Block loading ore in Escanaba
JBlk-3-16-10-BCM-02.jpg (83244 bytes) JBlk-3-16-10-BCM-03.jpg (107026 bytes) Kubrsp-3-16-10-BCM-01.jpg (62783 bytes)
Kuber barges & Viking

Mackinaw City, Mich. -  Both of the Mackinaw's - Julie Christiansen
1-Mackinaws-3-16-10-jc.jpg.jpg (82388 bytes)
WAGB - 83 & WLBB - 30  
2-WLBB-30-3-16-10-jc.jpg.jpg (62569 bytes)
WLBB - 30 USCGC Mackinaw 

St. Ignace - Robert McGreevy
1Hollyhock-03-16-2010-RMcG.jpg (52357 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock at CG station Saint Ignace
2Alpena-03-16-2010-RMcG.jpg (38696 bytes)

Carferry South Shore - Launched March 17, 1945 at Stadium Boat Works of Cleveland Ohio - Sean Whelan
064d7f00.jpg (61155 bytes)
Fully loaded, South Shore passes fleet mate Beaver Islander in Round Lake.
07000fc0.jpg (64447 bytes)
Leaving Charlevoix, Labor Day 1995
S_58007.jpg (79884 bytes)
Arial view of South Shore from the mid-1950's while on the Put-In-Bay run.
S_042.jpg (65454 bytes)
South Shore loading a car during the mid-1950's.

City of Cleveland III with damage - Julie S.
cityof-cleveland.jpg (64716 bytes)
On June 26, 1950 the Norwegian freighter Ravnefjell  collided with the City of Cleveland III in early morning fog in Lake Huron off Harbor  Beach, Mich. The Norwegian vessel crashed  into the D & C liners cabins but did not  penetrate her hull. Four passengers were lost in the collision. The Cleveland III was able to proceed to Detroit where she discharged her remaining passengers. She did not sail again and was scrapped at Buffalo, N.Y. in 1956.

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